Double blog. New products, Cabin grow and indoor grow

cabin grow

Monday we fed this room. Mixing 6 gallons of water. Using Advanced Nutrients 10ml grow and 15 ml of micro and 15ml bloom per gallon and splitting that between the 11 girls. We finished doing our heavy defoliating and now these have stretched quite a bit and nervous about burning. These lights put off some killer heat and as long as the fan and A/C work properly I do t think we will have a problem, yet. These lights are being figured out to be moved to the 10 foot ceiling height. We are maxed out with height with these lights attached to the under side of the loft platform. We would like longer vegging in the next round and that will call for the lights to be moved for sure.

Flower room

So I lied to you all 🤥.... two of the exotics that we popped from Pure Smoke Boutique I thought were males , they weren’t 😆 and that’s why I keep that “deck of males”.... I’m not perfect and sometimes I miss sex them, oh well. We got them back into the temporary veg room and we super cropped them heavily. We will top them today and help get some killer canopys at least on those two I thought were males. The auto flowers look good

And I have not been keeping track of flowering on the autos. But we will bust the microscope out when I feel they are getting close to being done. We still got the “marshmallow gobbstopper” and the monster cropped clone are doing well and soon we will flip into flower and recalibrate the other veg room to accommodate more vegging plants. We need this flower room back into flower sooner then later. We have autos tho and that’s the only reason I’m allowing this to happen so we will still have something for a harvest soon.

Veg Room

Veg room always looking good. With the 400 watt metal halide we are getting the next round ready for the cabin. 11 of these are for the cabin and we have one in here that is a “super grape haze” and if she is a female she will be the next mother plant that obviously we will be taking clones from. these got topped yesterday. Any of them that were ready to be topped got topped at the 5th node using some clippers to make it easy and clean...

And 👇 is the super grape haze that I’m hoping is a female...

I don’t believe I will be doing as much topping or training on this as it will be the mother plant and we will keep it under a low wattage led to keep her going as we take clones from her over the next year.

T5 Table

we sprouted 12 but it seems that only 9 of them are showing and moving well. These are the mandarin Kush crosses with 9 lbs hammer and this round will be staying in this indoor grow and these may be the last beans we pop for awhile as we are planning on doing clones from here on out. All in one gallon smart pots and we started these using the paper towel method which we normally use pods to germinate beans because r makes it easy and less chance of shocking them.

making cartridges


Once the extract is full dissolved and has reached freezing temps in the freezer using grain alcohol to dissolve and seperate the fats and lipids we use coffee filters to filter out the solids which if you don’t do this step your gonna make a gross tasting cart. Next is to evaporate the alcohol and finish the purging in the vac chamber.

And we have new carts coming out!!!

These are being silk screen printed now. Getting a 100 count pack being made. these are full ceramic so there is no more worries about heavy metals being in your cart 🎉 follow our Instagram to catch when we drop these

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