Done winterizing, seedlings are showing and day three of flushing. Big tube packed

yesterday we packed the 18 extraction tube with 68 grams of “slap wagon” while topping it off with a few grams of “7up”. It’s been in the freezer all nigh. we will blast this this morning using 3 Cans of pure322 organic solvent. We also have our winterizing project that is basically done and we will be making some cartridges with it.


Day 53 of flower and day 3 of flushing for slice the pie. we are on day 39 of flower for the “Stoner 63” “stoner 63-2” and “TS Cubed”. Today we will be getting more water for the grow Leigh this now we have nothing and that’s my fault. We got the new 200 watt, 1000 watt equivalent installed in the here. We had to raise a few clicks this mornin, started to see burning on the tips. Keeping all watering and feeding between 6.4-6.8 ph for all of our soil grows.


we got the LED installed up in the vegroom. We need to go get some light straps so we can adjust the height properly. Vulx volcanic mineral amendment has been awesome. Making the nutrients more readily available to use while retaining moisture for a longer period of time, the clones have been loving it. Simple Yield Solutions independent scrog system is being used on the ”dairy shake” from Sanctuary Seeds. Going for epic canopys, canopy is everything. we will be working on these canopys later today again. Everything sits in fox farm ocean forest and gets fed using Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.


We have a few showing through. From Pure Smoke Boutique these are some of the most exotic named strains we have had yet. We are the first with them and we started one of each five strains. Hopefully they pull through strong.

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