Defoliating cabin grow, seeds are popping and the next round is coming along.

Cabin grow

yesterday we had issues again and had to reset the breaker. On day 4 of flower today and we did a killer defoliating cleaning up everything that was not going to produce anything worth our time. Lights should be clicking on this morning at 11:45 or so. And we still have a few light sources we need to block off still on the other window. Things still look happy despite the issues we are having. And the lights in this room will also be moved so we can have much needed room to adjust these lights as we need to. Right now these lights are completely lifted as high as they can go and if we start burning things we will be in a little bit trouble and will have to move them when that happens or hopefully we can wait till the next round

Flower room

Flower room has got five “creature bear OG” auto crosses. We topped them the other day. All sit in one gallon smartpots using fox farm ocean forest soil. Not doing much in here today, I dont think, but I am thinking of setting this flower room to 18/6 keeping these autos in here but bringing in the two girls from the veg room and moving the 11 cabin grow seedlings into veg so we can get some more beans started.

Veg room

Veg room now holds just two Girls. One “marshmallow gobbstopper“ we popped from seed from Pure Smoke Boutique and the other is a monster cropped clone that we did some heavy training on the other day. Using a “ez-train belt” and some paper clips to do so. Both sit in 3 gallon fabric pots using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. These maybe going into the flower room to finish vegging with the auto flowers.

Cabin grow seedlings

We got 11 seedlings we popped and got from material we have been blasting the last couple of months. All are sitting under the T5 light and will be moved into the vegroom soon to make room for more seedlings that we are about to pop in the next day or two. Slacked a bit on the germinating so we wouldn’t have a gap in between flowering rooms.

Outdoor grow

so the ones I figured to potentially be males we got into the ground yesterday. Keeping them as far away from the cabin as possible. We will flower these out and collect the pollen when it comes time. Breeding is for sure in the plans for next year if we don’t start this year.


This morning we started trimming the “TS Cubed” that we harvested the other day. It has been hang drying in the “drying cabinet“ and seems to be ready to trim and jar but we may leave it hanging for another day or two. Things look and feel crispy enough to start.

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