Deeper into making cartridges 🎉

Extraction and cartridges

Yesterday we went over the extract we will be using for the next 50 count cartridges. Last night the oil finally finished purging in the vac and now sits on the table. Later today we will weigh this up so we can properly make our “strongest” carts yet. And using Wax Liquidizer......

In mango we have enough to make about 75 carts. Our ratio is 2 ml of flavor to one gram of extract. Again, we winterize our extracts to clean out the fats and lipids and this helps prevent a few issues...

  1. finishing the cart

  2. burnt taste

  3. higher potency

  4. Cleaner hits

you can always go back a few posts to read up on how we winterize. One new piece of equipment that has helped out a lot is the new Buckner funnel. with our vac pump and the new funnel setup we are able to filter out solutions in minutes instead of hours. Before we were just using coffee filters and mason jars.

(Wix is having issues loading my Buckner funnel videos) 😡

And this is what we pulled from this filtering of the winterized extract for the carts. This that was filtered out is what causes problems and issues. this will cause clogging of the cell as well as a “burnt” taste which makes gross. They do not recommend winterizing but you SHOULD for a quality end cartridge.

And this just before we got it into the vac chamber. purging most of the alcohol “open air” in this silicone while it sits on a heating pad. Of course times vary depending on amount being worked with.

our new test run of ”wax room productions” branded carts are scheduled to arrive by July 6th, day after my birthday 🎉 they were supposed to be black but there coming in white. They were all vacuum tested and if people like them we will put in a order for a few 100 of them.

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