Day 8 of flower for the cabin, started new beans and we got some new packaging and new products

Cabin grow

we got to the cabin grow later in the day yesterday. We are on day 8 of flower. We grabbed five gallons of water, we collected from the spring, and we mixed 10ml of grow, 15 ml of micro and 15ml of bloom per one gallon of water using Advanced Nutrients.

Temps are staying between 69 and 75 degrees. Using Ink Birds temperature controller 308 model. Lights are on 12/12 for flower.


we got 30 beans in the other day from a friend. These 30 beans are a cross between “mandarin Kush” (mother) and “9lbs jammer“(father). and yes we are using the paper towel method. spreading them across a damp towel, then folding it on its self. We stick that wet paper towel full of seeds into a plastic bag, sealed it. We then get the heat mat out and set it to low. Put a Piece of cardboard on top of the heating pad then the bag of seeds on top to keep them warm, not hot 😂 don’t fucking cook them.

New wax room carts!! 🎉

We found these awesome black and red full ceramic 1ml carts and we are working on getting one of our logos onto these. These are gonna be awesome. As well these new carts go well with the new full ceramic jars we picked up. we will be revamping the look soon.... right now we are in white ceramics...

Even now this match up looks good 😆 so happy things are finally becoming something. Not just someone trying to make wax anymore. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me.

what we do

besides what we make all in house with the wax and flower and carts.... so far, we offer these products as services if you want to turn your material into any of these products we can do that quickly and safely for you. Just contact us if you would like any of these products made with tour material from your own grows. New all natural humidity packs

Integra boost humidity packs are something else. Made from all natural products these packs will hold a 55-62% RH in a closed container and these do not use corrosive salts like most other humidity packs. You can also pick your humidity range if you need to add moisture back to flower. Contact us if interested in these all new all natural humidity packs.

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