Curing extracts, winterizing “sour thanos” for carts and new wax room gear 🎉 💯 💚


Wow! After a 48+ hour cure we started to get the sugar forming on the “hulk” and this extraction was 1 of 5 from the other day so along with this one we have “cherry gasm” and “divine storm” right behind it all in curing. and it looks 🔥 but the 👃 is insane.

Last of the strains, we have ”sour thanos“. roughly 40 grams was packed into the 12 inch extractions tube. We ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent which you can find at using “waxroom10” for a discount with your first purchase of this amazing solvent.

Once packed we blast....

Running it through the warm water bath.

once the solvent was purged we flooded the dish with grain alcohol, just enough to cover the extraction

Takes a few minutes for the alcohol to dissolve but once it does dissolve we get it into a mason jar and we get it in the freezer for separation. Once separated we filter it

Using one 2.5 micron lab filter cut to fit and two coffee filters.

After filtering we purge the bulk of the alcohol off on a simple heating pad and then finish it up in the vacuum chamber.

after playing with the air valves, and taking it out a few times we are almost ready to start on the cartridges.

Almost.... 🎉

Apparel & Accessories

Head over to for all your Wax Room gear. Hoodies, shirts and pen battery’s. We have new black pens coming as well as new hats 🎉 💯 💚

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