Curing extracts, new flavor carts and grow update


so after a 24 hour cure we are still seeing a “sauce” finish. Just like the sour sorbet strain did, this will get a sugary crystals within the sauce if given enough time. The yield was short on this strain but did super well for carts...

And after winterizing the first blast of this king cheese, the final end solution came out with an awesome color and super smooth hitting out of the full ceramic wax room carts. All of our extractions are done with pure322 organic solvent

And the next flavor coming out next for carts is “Grape Ape” 🎉 and this flavor is the one I love over all of them.

And just a reminder the cartridges we make are not distillate, they are DHO carts. They do not act the same as distillate carts.... and it has a much heavier hit as well. 3-4 hits and your tossed 🤣

and we always have wax room batteries on hand. If interested just shoot us a text. Today I will get them up on the store and you will be able to find the link to the store on our Instagram bio. Cabin Grow

🥳 💥 it’s been two days since I have seen these girls and boy are they making me happy. And I forgot to bring water with me today for them so tomorrow before noon time we will head over and get this room fed. Feeding 10ml of grow and 15ml of micro and bloom while now adding 8ml of bud candy 🍭 and see if we ca n get even a better final flower of the marshmallow Gobbstopper then Without the additives. We did a selective defoliating as well as chopping some more side shoots off that were not getting the proper lighting it needed. This will be the final grow in the cabin before we need to start changing some things around like changing the A/C out for a heater and getting a proper exhaust fan installed 🥳 but I live the build up of everything and what it takes and how I go about doing it is what I love as well as the final results in the end.

Strawnanna tangilope seedlings

Pure Smoke Boutique and there “Strawnanna tangilope“ we got 8 beans into pre soaked rock wool cubes and into a seedling tray and on to a heating mat and day two we got one popping through 🥳 hopefully we’ll get the rest popping through soon so we can get them all transplanted into one gallon fabric pots and we will run them under this T5 light until we are able to move girls around in the veg and flower room. Trying to keep spots filled without over filling And crowding valuable space.

Veg Room

ok so we have slimmed things down a bit in here. We now only have two mandarin hammers left. one was a male and we tossed it. So we got one fitted with an EX Train belt and a few paper clips and flattened her out the best I could. We will be doing the same to the second one, but this now adds some time to the vegging cycle for these as we are not creating a canopy using idk 😐 30-40 shoots. So selective topping is going to be a must and kept up with daily to keep things as even as possible.

(Above) we are down to our two creature bear og F2 autoflowers. These will do better in here I think. we may even move them to the t5 table but having a light dedicated to just these is ideal, mandarin hammer took there spot in the flower room.

And then finally we have the main focused strain at the moment with the feminized bubba hash from The Attitude Seed Bank. We have three as we will work on there canopies getting them ready for the flower room and we will take clones from these two before the second week of flowering is up. And the third bubba hash is going to be kept to the side as a mother plant for at least a few months hopefully.

Flower Room

Today we fed With Advanced Nutrients at 10ml of grow and 15 of micro and bloom while adding in 8ml of bud candy. We did a slight bottom defoliation of the new mandarin hammer we just brought in. The two other mandarin hammers are just over half way through flower and are doing surprisingly well being in there one gallon fabrics. And same goes for the random girl in the 3 gallon fabric. She’s half way through flowering and is putting on a 👃 like whoa 😂 🍒 and 🍏 scents with sweet and sour I’m super excited for what this random girl finishes 🥳 💯

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