Curing extracts, new apparel, winterizing and new lab new grow rooms 🎉 💯 💚

new apparel and accessories you may pre order today by messaging us or you can order by clicking on the link above


🎉 we picked up 120 grams of material over the weekend. We got 60 of the “sugarcane” 30 of the “Jesus og” and 30 grams of “cherry gasm“.

using the 18 inch tube we got two extractions out of the 120 grams. First one we packed 60 grams of the “sugarcane“ and ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent.

Blasting into the Pyrex dish and running the normal warm water bath. Once most of the solvent has been purged we dissolve this extract in grain alcohol And this extraction we are winterizing for cartridges.

Once fully dissolved in the 190 proof grain alcohol and we collect it in a mason jar

We seal the mason jar up and we get the jar and solution into the freezer. Once it reaches temps the fats and lipids will seperate.

Above 👆 you can see the cloudiness... this is the point of separation and that cloudiness is what you want to filter out otherwise your carts will get clogged and not taste good at all.

using one 2.5 micron lab filter cut to fit the funnel. And then Fitting two simple coffee filters above that.

And this is what you must clean out before making carts. This can be used for other products as well such as makeup.

After purging the bulk of the alcohol off we were able to get it into the vac chamber this morning. We should be able to finish the degassing of this week extract today. We will make some juice tonight to use up the last of the grape ape flavor and we do have some more flavors coming in.

We have “Pineapple Express“ and “blueberry” coming in.

👆 the second extraction we did was 60 grams, 30 of the “Jesus OG” and 30 of the “cherry gasm” which we are calling it “Cherry OG” and we yielded back 13.2 grams using pure322 organic solvent.

And we have it collected in a silicone barrel for curing.

above is another cure we did and this extract is the “mandarin hammer” which came out 🔥 it has a fruity berry 👃 and it cured out super fast.

Above, is the “strawberry putang” in the beginning stages of curing.

Flower Room

And the flower room 🤣 🎉 the feminized bubba hash are coming along super well. The one to the back left is the oldest one and will be the first one to come down. not to sure how much longer we have but I would have to say roughly 22 days left before we chop the first one. These seeds came from The Attitude Seed Bank. We do have the new G8LED C3 light is on its way and will be here the 11th which will take the place of all four of the lights that are in this room now.


the feminizing project is pretty much done. I’m hoping giving this girl another 6 days or so will be enough to get the rest of these seeds to a mature Stage. This is the “marshmallow Gobbstopper“

Mandarin hammer

The mandarin hammer is now ready. Smells and looks great.

New lab 🧪 & grow rooms

So we are underway and n finishing the new grow rooms and lab setup. These is a lot of work that needs to still happen with cleaning and getting rid of stuff that we just don’t have room for. We’ll keep you posted as we go. 🎉

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