Curing extracts, finishing the marshmallow Gobbstopper and logo, filling carts 🎉 💯 💚

Giveaway winner will be announced later today Extracts

Above, ”Divine Storm“ curing out beautifully. Below, same.... “Cherry gasm”

These cures are at least 3 days after initial extraction. using pure322 organic solvent which you can find at and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount.

Above, ”hulk sauce”..... probably on of my favorite strains, it cures out into a sauce finish. This was our heaviest yielding strain as well coning our with 11.5 grams from 44 grams of flower.

“sour Thanos“.... this extract was winterized using grain alcohol and some low tech equipment. this is why we have been using to make our cartridges.

above, just shots of the “sour thanos” being pulled apart for different cart flavors.

Above, we are mixing some of the “sour thanos” into “banana og” cartridges. Using Wax Liquidizer

And yes 🤣 I’m filling by hand, we do have a 10,000$ machine for this but we need to up the quantity so we. An use this awesome machine

We had to make these carts a bit backwards 🤣.... so we were down to the last drops of flavor in each vile so we measured out what we had of flavor and then added the extract. Usually we weigh out what we wanna make in extract and then add the flavoring to it. We are completely out of flavors at the moment. Today we should be ordering at least one flavor either grape 🍇 or strawberry 🍓

and we have some “sour thanos“ ready for when it does come. 🥳

marshmallow Gobbstopper dry/cure

💥 this marshmallow Gobbstopper is 🔥 we had this flower hang drying for about 8-9 days and then we finished it up in the My Herbs Now dryer. We are now on the final trimming. Once we finish this trimming we will extract and make an extract to go with this flower. And we just got in the first go at a logo for this strain....

🤣 and I live it so far. I’m sure there will be changes made to it but this is a great start.

Apparel & accessories

Head over to to find all your wax room gear. New items are coming out ASAP. New beanies, trucker hats and sweat shirts 🎉 also get your wax room pen battery.

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