Curing extracts, cartridges and grow room update with the new G8LED C3 🎉 💯 💚

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Extracts & curing

to the left is the “cherry OG“ which was a mixed extraction of “Jesus OG” and “Cherry gasm“ flower. And using pure322 which you can find at and use ”waxroom10” for a discount, we can get awesome finsihes. Between 24 and 96 hours is the usual time it takes to cure your extracts when using the correct containers.

And to the right is the “divine storm” which had a less curing time for this specific finish. Both have an amazing punch 🥊 and the 👃 are awesome.

And the proper container? Yes 👍 the proper containers are most helpful in the curing process. And we have found the silicone slicks work best. Allowing the extract to breathe without actually exposing it to open air is best. Once sealed in a silicone container allowing it to sit for the full 96 hours without disturbing it allows it to cure and do what it needs to do. again using pure322 organic solvent allows you to extract the exact essence of the plant and allowing it to come out in the extracts is awesome.

And some extracts just don’t like to crumble up. Some stay a sugary sauce like the “strawberry putang“ above.


We finally got the back up carts in as we wait for the full glass cartridges. We got grape 🍇 ape 🦍, pineapple 🍍 express and blueberry 🫐 filled in one gram cartridges. These caps on these carts were press on and actually am pretty confident in these...

first one I filled I screwed on to a new black Wax Room Productions battery and kept it on the lowest setting which is green and it hits smooth and with a descent size cloud. I’m happy with them.

And you can always shoots us a message to order anything from us from the apparel to the pen battery’s and you can also order through our website at www.waxroomproduction.con/shop

Flower Room & G8LED C3

Flower room the other day got a big improvement installed and that improvement was going from 4 cheap led lights to one LED light by we got there best model the G8LED C3. Which comes with a dimmer knob snd a ”bloom boost“ button which is on. And the knob is turned all the way up. And I do believe we will be switching to this light for all of our rooms eventually and so far the performance 🎭 has been awesome.

We have three feminized “bubba hash” from The Attitude Seed Bank. All three are in 3 gallon fabric pots and we are using Advanced Nutrients and Fox Farm Ocean Forest Medium. Everything them at cones and goes through our flower room gets the same mix of 8ml of bud candy 10ml of grow 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom per gallon of water

and using Advanced Nutrients is so easy. Few more months working with it and we’ll have it down, pretty much have it down now. Keep things SIMPLE

Veg Room

Over the night we lost two of the banana French cookies, which I expected it they didn’t look to strong at all but the other 4 look great. Oh and for the record we had all 12 germinate so props to Pure Smoke Boutique for that 100%. And we have all 6 of the “rainbow gobbstoppers” and this morning we watered them and we did add some nutrients to it. Again many day it’s to early, nah you just need to learn your nutrients. We have 1ml of grow micro and bloom per one gallon when watering seedlings. And we will be taking cutting of the “strawnana tangilope” and getting clones going ASAP.

feminizing marshmallow gobbstopper

We have been allowing the marshmallow gobbstopper to dry. Tonight or tomorrow morning we will start again on harvesting the seeds and then going through them and hand picking the best ones.

Apparel and Gear

we have new beanies 🔥 👆 also...

New hats and hoodies are on there way. You can shoot us a message and we can get you set up with what you need for Wax Room Productions gear and don’t forget to grab a all new black Wax Room Productions pen battery, limited supply