Cured extractions, feminizing and grow room update 🎉 💯 💚


After a few days of curing the outdoor Flower extraction came out 🔥 and yes it is a sauce and I was going for a sugar/crumble but that’s ok this stuff is awesome.

we got the last of the untrimmed outdoor flower and got as much as we could pack into the 18 inch extraction tube and this extraction will be winterized and off to a friend who will be using it for cooking 🎉

this should you there hame from using plant material to using straight extracts.

After packing we ran 2 cans of pure322 organic solvent and ran it through the warm water bath

Once the warm water bath is done we will pull the Pyrex dish from the warm water, dry it off and then add 190 proof grain alcohol and allow the extract to dissolve. We will then capture it, just like Pokémon, and freeze it.

The color and appearance before dissolving is almost hypnotic 🤣. And we will finish going over this project once done on tomorrow’s blog. Find pure322 organic solvent at and use ”waxroom10” for a discount. 🎉


Yes fucking scary so fucking scary I don’t even wanna talk about it 🤣 but here we go....

this marshmallow Gobbstopper was a clone we took, when out cloning was on point 😡 🤣, and it begged in the cabin grow. We brought it back to the lab and Pure Smoke Boutique sent us an isolation tent which is 2x4 foot. We brought in a stronger light and we treated one branch with “the doctors” reversal spray.

For 21 days we treated that branch till we saw pollen sacks starting. And the other day they started to open up. The smart thing would have been to harvest and collect the pollen then blow or brush it on.

all we did was slam the pollen sacks into the female flowers. So hopefully we got something right and we have proper pollination. Flower Room

Flower room is coming together well again. The two mandarin hammers we have left are doing great and about a 1/3rd through there flower period. There characteristics are much different then the first two we harvested.

Here is one of the hammers. You can see that there are 1 and 3 leaflet sets which is much different then the 5-7 and 9 leaflets you normally see.

And same goes for this mandarin hammer. This one is under the full spectrum 1000 watt led light. And the other is under the 800 watt led cob light.

And with the two creature bear og F2 autos..... wish I took the time to train them better. But they are still doing well and both sit in one gallon fabric pots. They are about 30 inches tall from the soil level.

And at the bottom right of the above picture is the feminized bubba hash from “The Attitude seed bank”. One week one of flower for her.

Veg Room

The other day we topped the four Strawnanna tangilope. These will be vegged in here and sexed. Once properly sexed we will transplant them into 3 gallon fabric pots and properly train them for the “epic” canopies. We also have the two feminized bubba hash which we will stay on there low stress training till we have openings in the flower room.

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