Cured extractions and total grow update 🎉 💯

cured extractions

Gorilla glue extractions have now had enough time to “cure”. After blasting like normal and purging using a warm water bath we collected the extractions and kept it in a swarm sled silicone slick or one of the new ceramic wax room jars......

The only way to do this type of extraction and finish is to use Metavega Pure322 organic solvent and using freshly dried material, just before you would normally cure flower after drying you would pack your column with it and blast. These extractions were done using “gorilla glue” flower untrimmed.

Cabin grow

The cabin grow now has about 3 to maybe 4 weeks to go before harvest time. Yesterday we fed this room using Advanced Nutrients and to one gallon of water (using 6 gallons) we mixed 10 ml of grow and 15ml of micro and bloom. We had a mendo cookie herm on us and we got it out as soon as I saw it and chopper it down and now sits in the freezer awaiting extraction. we have ten left now.....

and none of the others seem to be showing any problems or issues.

Flower Room

marshmallow gobbstopper (above) is getting on week 3 of flower. This one is from Pure Smoke Boutique.

This flower room is also holding those four creature bear og testers we got from @1212homegrown (Instagram) which now will be getting checked with the 1000x microscope 🔬 and finally will have a harvest window Figured out.

We kept these autos in there one gallon fabric pots, which i believe to of been best. Autos do not have the time to veg out like photoperiods so the less you mess with them the better but of course topping is a must to get the most out of autos.

Above is the monster cropped juicy fruit....

Veg Room

The other day we found a male leaving 10 left in here in the veg room. We have that one super grape haze that was a special bean we received. and hopefully it’s a female and we get her done up as a mother plant. We do have some special fem seeds that would be prime candidates to make into a mother plant. Once the cabin is ready to accept these we will finish seeing these and transplant them into 10 gallon fabric pots where they will spend the rest of there life.

Above is the super grape haze which maybe could be transplanted now since it is staying at this location.

Mandarin kush X 9lbs hammer

We got 12 that were popped from seed, all are photoperiods which we got from @gasinthedeltapass (Instagram). All were popped using the paper towel method and then planted into these one gallon fabric pots. These were originally planned to stay here in the indoor grow. These will be getting moved into the veg room possibly today. We are gonna get the ones in the veg room planted outside in the ground??

The bigger ones out of these 12 got topped and once the others get to that same size we will be topping those as well. Canopy is everything when growing in limited indoor spaces.


14 days and these are the roots we got 🎉 I believe today these will be planted into one gallon pots with fox farm ocean forest medium. And these will also be brought into the veg room with the mandarin kush to veg till the flower room is ready for them

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