Crunch time

Wax room is on a crunch time. It’s day 25 of flower for the flower room and the strawberry haze clones are looking great. Simple yield solutions support system has been great and allows easy training for the best canopy. We have an out of house extraction to do tomorrow morning, woohoo, for bombfactory. We are planning our outdoor grow for this spring which should be an epic one. We still need to choose how we are going to do it, by clone or by seed?? We’ll figure it out soon. Metavega’s #pure322 organic solvent has been an amazing switch for wax room, allowing us to do out of house extractions and able to produce a high quality higher yielding product with a turn around time in a matter of hours. We have new 12 and 18 inch extraction tubes coming in around February 3rd that will allow us to double and triple our production output while allowing to keep our batches small to keep quality hi. In about 5 weeks we will be harvesting the clones and we will be able to bring in some plants from the veg room, from sanctuary seeds, to start flowering same day as harvest. We have foop fertilizer coming in today which is an organic fertilizer we are super happy to test out. We just received our normal order of ONIT sciences organic grow additive which has been an amazing add on to our operation, and hope we are doing enough for them, they have an awesome partner in this journey. As always you may contact us for any extractions you may have. You can email us or call us at 774-764-8406. This coming week we will be back down south for the custody case so things will still be a bit slow but we are always here for your questions, concerns or comments. We are here for you and if there is anything we can do for you please oh please feel free to contact us. and also if you are interested in any of the growing products or extraction equipment and process most all of it is on our website we appreciate everyone’s support and are super excited for this 2020 year, already has been an amazing start -

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