Crazy extraction color, new jars with stickers and we gotta get going on clones

full ceramic wax room jars!!

we just picked up a few of these full ceramic jars. A good friend of ours took it upon himself to do this. And I think with the new

logo made to the right size of the jars cap would look good. Child safety cap, this is a great all round upgrade to the packaging and look.

Extraction and process

And we’re shirtless for this head stash run. Packing some freshly dried flower. blasting when the flower is ready for jarring is the absolute best time to blast, with pure322 anyway. We packed the 18 inch extraction tube lightly to be sure we will have that air flow we need to get the most out of this material. Using two cans of pure322 we got this....

It is now collected and sitting to cure. This should turn out a crumbly, sugar finish within the next few days.

Extract for gummies

We got some of the wax back from that 2 pound extraction so we can get GUMMYS made up. 🎉 we will get this lab tested and get it’s profile and percentages so we can make 10mg pieces properly. Will be going to Pro Verde labs for the testing and will be going to Bomb Factory to have them made.

Temporary veg room

we have our flower room set to 18/6 so we could finish vegging these photoperiods out while flowering the autos at the same allowing us more room to start some more Girls. Thinking of making that “marshmallow gobbstopper” a

mother plant. This room was fed heavy yesterday so not much happening in here today


Vegroom is set to 18/6. some like 24 hours for vegging but the dark period allows the roots to grow bigger and better, “bigger the root, bigger the fruit” so 11 of these are getting ready for the cabin grow and we have a 12th seedling in here a “super grape haze” that is planned to be a mother plant.

And I’m making sure this one makes it. We fed this room kinda heavy, for seedlings anyway, using 4ml of micro, grow and bloom from Advanced Nutrients and 4 ml of ONIT Sciences organic grow additive to one gallon of water, with the organic additive allowing your plants to reach its full genetic potential.

T5 table

This table is currently empty but today I should be getting some jiffy pods and starting the new beans we got from @gasinthedeltapass the other day

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