Come on! We got new strains, new cartridges, feminizing and grow lab update 🎉 💯 💚


this weekend was packed with work. Of course it “our” busy season. We got together quite a few strains in the lineup. We mainly used the 12 inch tube for these extractions.

This was our run of trim from the marshmallow Gobbstopper. And as you can see it came out beautifully. And we will be working a lot more with strain ..... a lot.

Above, this is the “cherry gasm“ flower run. We ran 40 grams of flower and we yielded 8+ grams Of extract back 🎉

Above, this extraction was a “no name” and it’s to bad cuz this was the best yielding strain from this pack. We had 44 grams packed into the 12 inch tube and ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent. head over to and use “waxroom10” for a discount. We yielded 11.5+ back which is insane, that’s nearly a 30% return 🤩

We ended up getting our activated charcoal finally and we did a test run. We took the extraction we did with the marshmallow Gobbstopper (first pick above) and we ran it through our Buckner funnel. Mixing the activated charcoal in the solution and then running that through our filtering process.

Thos was scary at first, charcoal is black. Scary to see it at first. Once filtered we got it into our food safe silicone and on to the heat pad. Once the bulk of the alcohol was purged we got it into the vacuum chamber.

And we are super happy with the outcome. This run made us 1.8 grams final with the trim from marshmallow Gobbstopper. We used some Pineapple Express from Wax Liquidizer and made some super sexy carts......

These carts came out amazing. hitting super smooth with an awesome taste. 🎉 🍍

(above) we also got a round of 13 carts done in blueberry. these carts are not bad but are nothing compared to what we are making now. Very happy we figured out a bit more then others on this issue.

harvest & drying

week ago or so we chopped the cabin grow down which is our marshmallow Gobbstopper grow. We grabbed two plants that were hang drying, one was the marshmallow Gobbstopper and the other was our single juicy fruit. We trimmed off all the fan leaves and anything that was not showing any trichomes. We will be grabbing the rest of the hanging plants tomorrow and get on trimming and making sure we are all dry before we start curing


our feminizing project is coming along awesomely. we maybe have 3 weeks or so to go? I’m not sure what to expect going through this process but it seems like we are doing it well. this is one of the marshmallow Gobbstopper clones that we grabbed from the cabin. we used “the doctors” reversal spray and that spray worked beautifully. once these seeds mature up we will harvest and collect all the seeds and we will extract what we can from the material. But there are definitely a shot ton seeds ....... giggidy 🤣


We have 7 cuttings of the feminized bubba hash and I think I did everything I could to make sure we have some success with this round. We just changed the fluid out of the hopper. We started at 20ml per gallon and now we are at 30ml to one gallon of water ph to 6.1 and we are on day five on this round.

and we are giving it ambient light and just now have we added the small seedling light. And the solution we are using is Clonex Clone Solution.

New products & accessories

We have our next round of pen battery’s coming! They are in production now. The first round we had them made up in red and now we are getting them done up in black. 🎉 and you can always head over to where you can also find other wax room production gear.......

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