⚠️ color remediation added to the process, clones, feminizing update🎉 💯 💚


Couldn’t be happier with the cartridges we have been making. Just super happy and now we will be adding some new steps to the extraction process so we can get a better product out. I have ordered the supplies from amazon and the B80 powder will be here October 5th 🥳

This B80 should help us when winterizing and having off colored extracts shouldn’t be a problem anymore. We will start by running 2-3 1.5

micron filters then A coffee filter and then a 30-40 gram layer of this B80 while under vac and the. In theory we should be all set for color remediation 🎉

So now when we use our Buckner funnel we will set this up so we can start bringing a better looking Final product. We will get things lab tested 🎉 super super super fucking pumped that this simple knowledge can change a lot 🥳

flower room

💥 flower room stinking 🦨 we have a mandarin hammer that will be coming down in a few weeks. and the two newer mandarin hammers have about 8 weeks or so before they will be ready. And in the back under the half working 1000 watt led are the two creature bear og F2 autoflowers in one gallon fabric pots. We have one light per plant basically. But we do need to upgrade our lighting I believe

This is the next mandarin hammer to cone down. This one was more trained then the first one and now in about 2-3 weeks we will start flushing and 3-4 weeks we should be chopping

This is the newest mandarin hammer. All of them in three gallon fabric pots by the way. This one we used an EZ-Train belt showing a different tech on training your plants specially when efficiently using small grow spaces and maximizing tour yield regardless is something everyone should be thinking about. Just creating more bud sites with proper lighting.

And then the creature bear og F2 autoflowers from @802_genetic on Instagram we had such a killer run with the first ones we just have to keep popping these autos and seeing what they bring cuz the last harvest was gold 🎉

Veg Room

So we got maybe 3 weeks left to go with the feminized bubba hash. We will then Or should be able to bring them into flower. We will then do the same for the Strawnanna tangilope in the one gallon fabric pots. We will veg them a couple more weeks then bring them into flower so we can properly sex them and then transplant the females into 3 gallon fabrics and bring them back to veg to finish there veg cycle before We finally flower them.

12 site Cloner

We changed out the solution in the hopper. We went from 40ml to 50ml of concentration per gallon of water with a ph of

And we are using Clonex clone solution.

And we are using a small seedling light

Happy People

🥳 💯 💚

Apparel and accessories

Hey YOU! 🤣 check out waxroomproductions.com/shop where you can find “Wax Room Productions” hoody’s, shirts and pen battery’s. Soon we will have hats and more merch up on there 🎉 💯 💚

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