Cloning, cabin grow and grow room update

12 site cloner

few weeks back we picked up this 12 site cloner. has one spray nozzle and pump and is simple like most of them. Clones will be taken of the marshmallow gobbstopper, it needs a stripping and there is a good 5-7 clones we can take from it. We will be getting some clonex solution to add to this.

Not the best pic showing what I want but there is the marshmallow gobbstopper and tomorrow we will be taking some cuts from her. 🎉 taking cute and making them into 5-7 inch cuts. We’ll scrap the bottom inch of the stem with out snips and place them into the plugs. We will ph the water to 5.5-6.5 After adding the clonex solution and then we’ll give it 10-14 days and we see how our first real cloning goes again 🎉 this is exciting and this helps get our grows on a better rotation.

temporary veg room

We are getting close to flipping to flower. We have our monster cropped clone and our marshmallow gobbstopper finishing there veg cycle with the “creature bear og” autoflower crosses which are all fully in flower. Two I thought were males came back into this room and actually I have moved them into the other veg room, afraid of one or both still being males. All signs except for obvious ones are showing. Such as: un even node growth and lengthy. But there are no real ”balls” showing ....

veg room

💥 11 of these are getting ready for the cabin. We have one super grape haze..

Above is the super grape haze which I am being told that this is going to be something special and if so we will be turning this one into a mother plant and we will be finding a strain to consistently run and hopefully we can keep it going for the next year and if so we should be able to learn more about this strain and hopefully it has a good trichome production. But the rest of the juveniles in here all have been topped and we will be training these once we get some good growth on them. low stress training is something everyone should be looking into.

T5 table

our seedling and clone table is full right now with “mandarin kush X 9 lbs hammer” which these will be running through our indoor set up. If we need to we will run to veg rooms and two flower rooms but these I believe won’t be as trained as some of our other grows. Doing more of a “sea of green” style grow with this round maybe

And usually we start our beans in jiffy pods and then we will transplant into one gallon pots but we did the paper towel method this time so when we planted the sprouts we filled the one gallon pots about half way with Fox Farm ocean forest and then planted our sprouts. We then slammed the T5 on top of them. We still got stretching.....

And we then back filled the ones that needed it.

Cabin Grow

Getting to the end of week 3 of flower and despite our electrical problems we are having a great first grow in our little cabin. Looks like we will be building another cabin soon to accommodate a bigger veg room. We fed these girls before I left so we should be good till tomorrow where we will just be giving this room plain ph water to 6.4-6.8.

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