Clones, harvesting? Consistency is key on your plant rotation

So after some talk with a few good people we have decided to keep these girls going for another week, the strawberry haze clones. Between today and Sunday they should be done now. This is our first true proper harvesting of any plants we have grown. We get this right then our growing process will be structured from seed to harvest and then It’s just upscaling it from there

We flipped our vegroom into flower yesterday so this will be day one of flower for the girls in the “veg room”. we were gonna go longer for veg but... maybe I jumped a little to quick but it won’t put a gap in between our harvesting times.

And we also have our seedling and clone table a little crowded but this table is going to need a consistency about it so we can keep fresh plants coming into veg. Now with our outdoor grow coming up we were planning on starting them ourselves witch we may still bring a few of our own out there but we have clones being done for us by a grower friend Randy who should be able to get us what we need. He has two flats going now of some clones but I do not know what strain they are yet. Feel free to contact us through here or give us a call at 774-764-8406 if your interested in any of our services

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