Chocolate Thai extraction and update 🎉

Material and extraction

we picked up 120 grams of chocolate Thai for extraction. This material looks well covered in trichomes and is freshly harvested. The packing of of this material into the tube needed to be “light”. We usually like to wait till it’s “crispy” dry before extraction. You always want air flow through your tube, saturating your material will cause a lower quality product

After running the two cans of pure322 through the 18 inch extraction tube we then placed the Pyrex into the warm water bath and allowed the bulk of the solvent to evaporate. After that we collected it and now have it stored so we can “cure” and allow it to sugar up into a sugary sauce.

Came out nice and blonde 👱‍♀️ 🥳

indoor grow

We did a heavy stripping of the marshmallow gobbstopper and the monster cropped juicy fruit. Redirecting the energy to bud sites that are worth the time and energy...

We are on day five of flower in the flower room. And we just fed this room yesterday with Advanced Nutrients . and in the veg room we are super cropping and working on getting the lower branches to come up. The super grape haze...

And as these 11 get prepped for the cabin grow this super grape haze is being planned to be a mother plant where we can take clones and speed up our veg period so we can get into flower sooner. And the mandarin kush crossed with 9 lbs hammer are doing good. Have more ideas on what to do with these if we are gonna move them outside or keep them in the indoor grow.


day four on the cloning. And as expected still don’t see any rooting yet. We wi keep a keen eye on this and make adjustments as we go. Cloning is going to be a big part of wax room soon.

have not made a YouTube video in a while and I’m about to put on together now.

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