CBOG harvest, feminizing, cabin harvest and cartridges 🎉 💯 💚

“CBOG” F2 Auto Harvest

These two lovely ladies have been awesome growing. After getting them out from underneath the ”blurple“ light.... the colors on this one compared to the other are unreal

the sister to the purple girl is this one. Everything was treated the same and one turned a killer purple and the other came out like the rest of them.... green. But such an amazing 😉 grow and if I took the time to train these the way I planned to, like the others, I believe I would have almost doubled the yield. anyways, we got these chopped and into the “My Herbs Now“ dryer............

Chopping them down and quickly trimming them up. We will do a final trimming on anything that will be kept for smoking flower. We were able to place both “CBOG” girls onto one tray, using another tray and popping the center rack out and we were then able to place the cover. we have two cola buds that I’m eager to weigh up once there dry.

Again what an awesome surprise for the flower room. Almost didnt even want to chop it 🤣 🎉

Feminizing MG

today we tied the marshmallow Gobbstopper up. With it being a clone and not having the proper conditions to strengthen the branches, once weight started to be gained things started to fall over. So we got a roll of twine and tied up the main heavy cola buds to the bar above the light. Things look good but we just need to wait now and allow these seeds to mature. We have 15 more strains to feminize and this is working out super well and so happy I jumped on this when I did.

Cabin Harvest

day 6 and the cabin harvest was still .... wet... I think just from the rain and the humidity being high. Usually this room is at 45-60% RH and staying under 60 degrees running the air conditioner. So today we brought out the dehumidifier and set it to high. I do expect to see a difference by tomorrow but “low and slow” is the best way to dry your flower. Remember no light leaks and if light is brought into the room, no more then a few minutes. All these point are factored in together to create the perfect drying conditions. also, an oscillating fan set to low and pointing away from the hang drying plants. this helps keep the air moving keeping mold away as well as helping with the drying process. Never use heat or direct air to dry your flower unless you simply don’t care.

Cartridges & Extrations

We got another batch of extract winterized. Our starting material is trim, but fire trim. No hay smell, nice and fragrant with a mix of “agent orange” “zkittlez”..... a few other hints. The trim is a mix from all the strains that were processed that day. Once we got it done and out of the vacuum chamber we are ready to weigh it up and figure out our mix

(B80 powdered clay is what’s on the cap, we cleaned everything before proceeding once we noticed)


we got out 3.3 grams of winterized wax extract after our filtering and purging process. We chose “Pineapple Express” and made 9 and 1/2 gram cartridges.

The weight of the extract determines the amount of flavoring we use. Using products by “Wax Liquidizer”. Adding in 6-1/2 ml of pineapple 🍍 express and heated it up and then mixed. Once fully mixed we used a syringe And filled up the carts

🤣 I do have a pretty sweet machine just for this but never have a batch big enough to even fill the lines but it’s all good, only helps keep that fire under my ass to keep pushing. Did I mention I love this shit 🥳 💯

And if you would like help making your own cartridges at home, we are always here just shoot us a message. 💯 💚

New Shit

so we have been using the B80 bleaching clay and have been experimenting with this one dark batch. But we ordered this 👆 which is activated charcoal. A little of this should do what we want it to do. And the b80 clay has some effect on the solution but this activated charcoal should allow us to complete deplete all color 🎉 and that’s kinda huge for us, cuz it allows us to now create clear or close to clear products.

Apparel and accessories

and always check up on the shop! Waxroomproduction.com/shop we got hoodies, shirts and wax room productions pen battery’s that pair well with our new cartridges. We will be adding some pieces of apparel and will be working on other sensible accessories that any smoker or dabbed would need. 🎉 💯 💚

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