Carts beginning to end, extractions and grow update πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

Extractions and cartridges

the new king πŸ‘‘ cheese πŸ§€ cartridges came out fuego! πŸ₯³ and we are about to break it down for you below πŸ‘‡ 😊

We started with freshly fried king cheese untrimmed. We had roughly 84 grams of

material and got two full 18 inch tubes packed and extracted. The first extraction πŸ‘‡

After the warm water bath we immediately flooded the dish and extraction with enough 190 proof grain alcohol. We dissolved it and got it into a mason jar, sealed and in the freezer

Once collected it is then set into the freezer for separation. This is where the fats and lipids are going to seperate out and we can then filter it

As soon as this separates yourself ready to filter. We use the vac pump and a Buckner Funnel for this stage

Filtering only takes a few

minutes. Once the solution has fully run through we are then ready to purge off the alcohol. In this filtering we took out quite a bit

If this step is overlooked your cartridges will clog and get a burnt taste to it quick and things become wasted. but now we are on the long stage of purging off of the alcohol

We dump the filtered solution into a clean, food safe silicone and on a heat mat to purge off the bulk of the alcohol. I need to get proper equipment to do this stage correctly. But we got it 🀣

Once the bulk is purged we are ready for the vac chamber. Playing with temperatures and air pressures we pulled the rest of the alcohol out. We then weigh it up and mix our solution to fill the carts with

And the color and taste on these came out πŸ”₯ and they look good on the new wax room batterys. Get your battery today.. just shoot us a message and we will get you set up.

thats what we did with the first blast and the second blast...

The second blast got collected into the skull πŸ’€ slick for curing πŸŽ‰ and we also did an extraction of the chocolate Thai but it did not come out very well..

Strawnanna tangilope germination

we finally got on germinating the next round. We got a sachel of strains from Pure Smoke Boutique for germinating and feminizing. we took the best 8 seeds out of the bunch and we soaked our rock wool cubes in water ph to 6.5

We then got our seed tray and bubble set up on the heat mat and we put some tooting hormones in the holes before putting the seed in.

Using rock wool cubes makes life easier for us anyways. Well give them 7-10 days and will run them under this T5 for the first few weeks once we get them transplanted into one gallon fabric pots. weed out the males and start cloning. Also choosing one to bring into the isolation tent for feminizing.

Flower room

today we moved another mandarin hammer into the flower room from the veg room. Today starts it’s flowering cycle and is now sitting under the 800 watt led.

And before we moved the auto flowers back to the veg room we found a male 😑 part of the game. We tossed it. we are feeding everything in the flower room Advanced nutrients at 10ml of grow and 15 ml of micro and bloom adding in 8ml of bud candy. we will be looking at harvesting in about 3 weeks or so, maybe more like 4 weeks.

Veg Room

Veg room now only holds two mandarin hammers along with our 3 feminized β€œbubba hash” which I do believe will change a lot for us in our productions. Also we have the two creature bear og F2 aback in here.

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