Cartridges, yesterdays’ 70 gram blast, normal grow room update...... and more

I keep saying this but everyday it seems to get more and more busy, not complaining just being aware. Client extraction

We got a little material dropped off yesterday for extraction by our good friend @goodtimesgrow420 check em our on Instagram. He dropped off 14 grams of lemon kush flower and 14 grams of deep cheese trim witch both came out fire.

Both being ran with pure322 organic solvent, both these small blasts came out great and with total production time taking 2 hours.... love Metavega.

We ran both blasts through the vac chamber to get a better consistency, pull n snap and for a quicker finish.

cartridges and winterizing

We did a quick winterizing with some “left over” wax. not weighing the original weight, we dropped it I. A mason jar and covered it with 190 proof grain alcohol and covered that and got it into the freezer. Keeping the whole filtering process on the freezer, this keeps the lipids as a solid otherwise they would liquify and get through the coffee filter. We filtered once and then evaporated most of the alcohol and through it into the vac chamber....

Spending a short while in the vac chamber we then collected it and dropped the 2 grams we got into a shot glass and mixed in 4ml of Wax Liquidizer and made 6 carts...

70 gram extraction

we got 70 grams of flower packed into the tube and extracted....

After packing we ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent and got her right into the warm water bath...

We then collected it. I didn’t get exact weight yet but it’s over 16 grams of concentrate we yielded. and yeah it’s a bit dark but that was because of the age of the material. We will be using some of this to make the rest of our cartridges. And some will be terped out for flavor and effect.

harvest and grow update

Few days ago we pulled the slice the pie and stoner 63 and we have them hanging and drying right now in the new drying rack. As soon as the smaller stems snap and the flowers are crispy you are then ready to jar and cure them. Do not rush this process. Could take a minimum of four weeks to properly dry and cure.... longer the cure better your flower experience.

Flower room looks the happiest it’s ever been. The two new girls we brought in here the day of harvest are expected to be the some of the biggest plants we have had come through here. Makes me nervous a little bit because I want everything to get the proper lighting.... the learning curve will never end and that’s something you need to take into consideration when doing anything that takes time, love your process. Dairy shake under the new 1000 watt LED utilizing Simple Yield Solutions support system. And all grows use Fox Farm.

Between the veg room and the T5 table, all on suspense. Everything is waiting on the harvest of the last two in the flower room and the right day to start bringing the outdoor grow outside. Tomorrow seems like it maybe the day for everything to happen. We have all the supplies except a green house for this out door grow. We will be choosing 12 of the strongest, best looking girls to transplant into the 10 gallon pots. This veg room just got fed there normal Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive

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