Cartridges, transplanting and day 6 of flushing


We got together 17 Carts yesterday. Using 6 grams of winterized oil from our blasts we mixed 12 ml of Wax Liquidizer. super happy with these carts and they are the strongest ones we have made.

Using our Rokin Vapes batteries we tested a few out and they Hit beautifully.

you can find the video on our YouTube going over the whole cart making process from beginning to end YouTube icon be found at the top of the website.


Day 56 of flower for slice the pie. We have maybe 8 more days before it’s ready to harvest. 9 more days and we start the flushing on the other 3. all from Sanctuary Seeds we have no complaints about there beans.

We pulled a couple out and got some better pics of them. we got the new 1000 watt Led from Grow Light Official (from Instagram @growlightofficial)


veg room is loving the new space. With Simple Yield Solutions independent scrog system, the canopy on the dairy shake from Sanctuary Seeds will definitely be one of the best canopys to date once we flip her into flower. We got the other LED hanging in here now and we got three of the best monster cropped clones under it. All the monster cropped clones are using the volcanic mineral amendment from Vulx retaining water for a longer period of time while making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake.

And yesterday we transplanted the five exotics from Pure Smoke Boutique into one gallon plastic pots with Fox Farm ocean forest soil. Keeping them under the T5 with the others, these will be staying in the indoor grow throughout.

I love doing this. and as much as it hurts to say, we dont make very much doing this, yet. And your support would be greatly appreciated. Donations help keep supplies coming through and the grows going. appreciate everyone, thank you

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