Cartridges, full grow update indoor/outdoor


finaly got another round of carts made up. This round we were able to make 18 of them, using our last 18 wax room full ceramic carts.

We do have more coming as well as more battery‘s and extract coils as an attachment for the pens.

(below) we had 6.3 grams of winterized Kashmir Kush we had to finish purging the alcohol out of it in the vac chamber.

After double and triple checking weight we were then able to get our ratio correct, it’s actually a bit stronger then normal

Adding in 12 ml of “grape ape” from Wax Liquidizer and getting the glass heated up properly before we try to mix. Once we mix we’re ready

We filled 18 and a 1/2 carts

These ones came out great. They hit awesomely and taste fucking 🔥 but there’s only 18 of them. We simply

need more material, we are at a point that a 1/4 pound is what we go through in a day to keep up with everyone else and there needs. 🤣 love it.

and IDGAF what people say 🤣 I’m gonna keep pushing with these.

Cabin Grow

after ten days of flawless operation in here we had to reset it yesterday. But besides that these marshmallow Gobbstopper clones look good. We will be making sure we are here as things are clicking on to catch any faults and remedy them before it effect them. We will be raising the lights a few inches I believe here soon As these girls have stretched quite a bit. And we are feeding these girls Advanced Nutrients grow micro and bloom with bud candy additive. Ration 10/15/15 ml with 8ml BC. This works great for all of crops on flower till the last 2-3 weeks where we will then start a quick tappering off into the flush period. I am going to show you guys how I finish the last 2-3 weeks of flowering and I believe it’s gonna do wonders for a lot of you out there just starting to grow.

Flower Room

having a dedicated flower room is awesome. When you keep things simple it makes work flow go so much easier. We got the three mandarin hammers which two have about 3 weeks left and the third one is just transitioning into week two of flower. we kept the two mandarin hammers in the one gallon fabric pots to see how they would perform and I’m actually quite surprised at how big these got and the results. the one in the 3 gallon fabric should of vegged for a few more weeks but we needed the room.

Strawnanna tangilope

so these beans are super quick on popping through. We got four more planted into one gallon fabric pots

So we do now have a total five Strawnanna tangilope seedlings. We are going to run them under this T5 light for the first few weeks till we get some room in the veg room. We will weed out the males and once that’s done we will transplant the rest of the females into 3 gallon pots and allow them to veg while training and topping. We will take cuttings from one or all of them to make up 12 clones and we will be trying another feminizing round but we are going to move on to another reversal spray and the one I’m looking at is Canna-Fem.

outdoor grow

The late out door girls are actually doing awesome. Again not very big but the flowers that are showing are looking 🔥

and super happy we did get these out when we did.

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