Cartridges from beginning to end

Making carts can be one of the most enjoyable things to make with your extracts. This post will be going from beginning to end, we start with a fresh blast of material using pure322 organic solvent...

Above we have blasted like usual and have already did our warm water bath to purge off the bulk of the solvent. We then flood the Pyrex dish with the extraction with 190 proof grain alcohol..

Once we get the dissolved extraction into the mason jar we then get it into the freezer. bring the solution to freezing temps seperates the fats and lipids. And we then bring the Buckner funnel out..

Buckner funnel is a great tool to help the winterizing process. hooking the vac pump to it, it pulls a vacuum keeping a negative pressure and pulling the freezing solution through the glass filter. We do use a coffee filter on top of the glass filter to help get the bigger pieces of the solution. after a few minutes we have our first filter done and usually one filtering is enough.

After we filter through the Buckner funnel we then poor the filtered solution into a food safe silicone. With the extraction in the silicone we place the silicone on a heating pad. This will purge off the bulk of the alcohol. Once the bulk has evaporated....

this extraction is ready to be finished in the vac chamber.. 👇

Keeping the vac chamber on the heating pad, we heat the chamber up before we pull a vac. This stage of the process I usually stay with the vac chamber and play with the pressures until it starts to “tack up”. after a short while we can then fold it on it’s self and start to make a more solid extraction and purging the rest of the solvents our..

At this point 👆 above we are ready to start making carts, knowing that the extraction is now free of fats and lipids, we Know that anything we make with this extraction will hit cleanly.

we now are ready to put the juice together for the carts.

after weighing the extraction and figuring how many grams we have to work with we can now do a little math and figure How many ML of flavor we need. We keep the formula simple at 2:1. 2 ml of flavor to one gram of extraction. Using Wax Liquidizer....

Of course this is mango that we are putting together but Wax Liquidizer do have various flavors which we have used them all.

after weighing and figuring out how much extract were using we drop The extract into a microwave safe shot glass or measuring cup.

We then add the flavor using a syringe to measure it out and add it to the shot glass and extract. ( 10 Grams of extract calls for 20 ml of flavor) and then into the microwave for 10 seconds....

After the microwave we mix for about 3-5 minutes and the juice is ready.

We only use full ceramic carts. Carts the contain metal In Them have been proven to hold heavy metals and they don’t hit as good as full ceramic carts.

if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us through our website or any social app. 💯 💚

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