Cartridges and winterizing. Playing with the flower room

Cartridges & winterizing

so we are almost done this morning with the winterizing project. We’ll find out our weight later on today. And we should be able to put some juice together this evening and get some new cartridges made up. We will finish this in the vac chamber once the bulk of the alcohol is gone.

flower room

Flower room is getting towards the end of week two of flower. Canopy canopy canopy.... and the TS cubed needed something done with it. Originally it was tipped to many time to soon and we had a bish that would of never flowered properly. So i thinned it out and pulled everything down....

Using paper clips we pulled down most of the branches and leveled out the canopy but more importantly we got things spaced out and everything has room now to flower without running into each other. There was just no way it was gonna happen right if I left it.

veg room

Veg room is fucking close to going outside... few more days hopefully but I’m keeping my eye on the temperatures and it’s the night time temps I’m worried about. Still coming close to freezing... anyways, this room is on deck. We did a pretty good topping on most of these. The ones that got a good topping were them monster cropped clones... those things are gonna be something else once we bring them outside, there gonna take off. All of our grows get a mix of Advanced Nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive mix. Keeping the ph levels between 6.4-6.8 is the deal. But going above and below those levels can help get other nutrients into the root system that you would not normally get When staying within those parameters. Also the clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment. Helping the moisture content and deliver food more easily to the root system.


The exotics... and no not fucking joe exotic, lol fml, these girls are doing amazing next this T5. we did a bit of topping on two of them. Waiting for 4-5 nodes before topping, we are now working on growing out side branches and raise them to the top. once he canopy is level We will then let go for another 3-4 nodes and top again and then we will wait awhile. during that wait time, over the next couple weeks, we will be training and adjusting daily to get and keep the epic canopy growing. Now that we have a canopy size that works well with our grow rooms we can start to yield more and more as I fine tune the flowering stage out. We do have our nutrients dialed in but now it’s time to break into some more secrets that have been given to me to try... shhhh you’ll learn them too if you follow along enough.

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