Cartridges and grow update 🎉


Yesterday morning we finished getting the extraction purged in the vac chamber. After an hour or so playing with it we got it done. The winterizing left us with about 15 grams of extract. We took ten grams of it and we made 30 carts. Again using Wax Liquidizer in mango as the carrier.

There’s 18 of them 😂 they go so quick.... next batch I’m planning on making a nicer color cart using a better starting material.

mendo cookie hermed

😢 we harvested this mendo cookies before it gave us any more problems. started out flowering beautifully, even with a weird plant structure, it was starting to look and smell awesome. but pollen sacks started to sprout. This is the only one that did this out of 11 of them. So we will dry what we harvested and most likely just extract what we can out of it. 😢

mall good though, just forces me to go feminized with the genetics for now on. And we have plenty of fem seeds just waiting to be popped 🎉

Flower room

flower room on week 3 of flower with the monster cropped juicy fruit and the marshmallow gobbstopper. Again we have the creature bear og in the back getting close to harvest 🎉 we have five lights running this room making sure everything gets enough light. We have the new exhaust fan sitting in the back, places in the middle. This keeps the air transfer going properly and helps keep the room cool as well as keeping the humidity down. When in flower you want your RH to be much lower then what you want in veg. Higher the humidity the more your plants will uptake, but this should be implemented during veg and not in flower other wise you risk molding. 🤢

Veg Room

Veg room is just waiting to be brought to the cabin. All in one gallon pots, and topped not to long ago. Topping sends those hormones to the lower parts of the plant allowing side branches to rise to the top. Topping also helps keep things even. Canopy is everything, to me, more tops and more top bud sites will yield a higher weight. We will keep these in there one gallon pots till they are sexed and the cabin is ready to accept them that is when we will transplant into 10 gallon fabric pots. This grow was derived from beans we found in material we have been blasting. This grow goes well we have plenty more beans to pop.

mandarin kush X 9 lbs hammer

we topped the three bigger ones, again sending those hormones to the lower parts of the plant allowing the lower parts to rise to the top. We will top the others once they get big enough and will top at the 4th or 5th node. These will be handled the same way as the veg room grow and kept on there one gallon pots till they are properly sexed

and then they will be ready to be transplanted into there final homes. Believe these are staying in this grow.


Cloner on day 9 and later we will be checking this and seeing what else has taking on some more rooting. Last we checked every cutting had some sort of rooting. 🎉 so I’m pumped for my first real round of clones and all are doing something good. This goes well we have an awesome set to keep a perpetual grow going. Clones we have are juicy fruit and marshmallow gobbstopper

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