Cartridges, agent orange and the “CBOG” F2 🎉 💯 💚


We finally got some done. We got a few I. Strawberry done but these ones are all done in grape ape by Wax Liquidizer. We have the next batch of oil starting the winterizing process.

Above is finished winterized oil and below are the carts that came from it


our back through from Nashville we grabbed a qp of trim and a zip of “agent organge” that we are blasting out for a client. This run is of 🔥 trim.

We did not weigh this trim prior to packing. we will be doing a comparison on yield between pure322 and butane Soon. But we packed as much as we possibly could properly. Ran the trim run through the warm water bath.

We flooded this dish with alcohol and got it dissolved with 190 proof grain alcohol. Now sits In The freezer, once separation has occurred we will filter through the Buckner funnel and seperate the solids from the solution.

And above, this is “Agent Orange” and this is what we have packed in the 12 inch extraction tube. tube sits in the freezer and should be perfect for blasting using pure322 which you can find at and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount.


Here is one of the “creature bear og F2” auto flowers.... 😳 🤩 what a gem to come back to after this trip. Super pink coloring and an awesome berry scent.

We are in flush mode now. Not much longer before this one and the other one be are ready for harvest 🎉

Apparel and accessories

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