Cabin grow, winterizing, more seedlings then expected

Updated: May 27, 2020

Cabin grow

We did a bit of work on the cabin grow yesterday. 5 more days and we will be flipping to flower. We did some defoliating of the bottom 1/3rd of all 11 girls. Getting rid of anything that was not getting the light it needs to produce anything worth while. If I had a cloner we would have the next round rooting right now. We got a new oscillating fan in here blowing right over the tops of them keeping the air moving. Stale air will bring mold and other issues. the controller is keeping the room between 69-73 degrees. Soon tho we will need to keep stall an air intake with a timer to force new fresh air in here.

We are using ten gallon and 15 gallon fabric pots which I think are too big. 10 gallon maybe but 15 I think NOT next time

Flower room

Flower room is half way shut down and we have the 7 “creature bear og” auto flowers under two 1000 watt full spectrum LED and another 1000 watt led, cheaper one though. All sit in one gallon fabric pots in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil.

Veg room

we got 3 girls from Pure Smoke Boutiques in one gallon plastic pots and one monster cropped clone in a 3 gallon fabric pot from Spring Pots. Will be transplanting these into 3 gallon pots ASAP. These should be going into flower soon though.


definitely did not expect all 12 to pop. But they did. So hopefully today we can get these transplanted. will have to get some more pots I believe. But we will transplant into one gallon fabric pots with fox farm ocean forest medium. We will start another 12 beans this week at some point, we need to make sure to keep the veg room full so we can keep both flower room and cabin grow filled with flowering girls.


above, we have the last stage of the winterizing process. After we freeze and filter the alcohol solution we empty the mason jar into a food safe silicone and the bulk of the alcohol gets evaporated using a heat pad and the rest of the purging gets done in a vac chamber....

And what your left with is a highly potent extract. The winterizing process cleans out the fats and lipids allowing us to make clean hitting highly potent cartridges.

and our latest blast of “platinum Kush remix”...

We use an organic solvent from Meta Vega called Pure322 which has changed everything for us. The first 12-13 months we worked hard and perfected the BHO and once we were introduced to this new solvent it immediately changed everything. This new solvent is formulated to extract 100% of the cannabinoids while cutting production time down by nearly 98% while increasing end quality. we have a discount code if you are interested in trying it


Just ordered this 12 site cloner. During our defoliating yesterday we could of had 12 clones easily starting to root for the next round. We have some feminized beans coming and one of those beans will become a mother plant and we will be doing clones from this plant for the next year or so once we have the mother plant where we want her. Planning on keeping this mother plant for at least a year.

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