Cabin grow update, extractions we did over the weekend and trying to get the CLS up and going


We made some crumbly sugar for a friend which is the darker one you see above and it started as the light colored slab before we brought it through the longer process.

the more golden gooey stuff is a fresh blast of “TS Cubed“ and “dairy shake” flower

and the first extraction you see with that noce pink color is a flower run using freshly dried flower just before curing we blast it which is the perfect time to blast

Cabin Grow

we are at the end of week two of flower. We did our heavy defoliating on all 11 of them. Cleaning up the bottom 1/3rd getting rid of anything that will not produce what we are looking for. Directing all the energy to the tops and to bud sites that will be getting the light it needs.

Today we will be feeding this grow it’s full strength Advanced Nutrients ph perfect technology.

Flower room

Flower room is on 18/6 at the moment getting these two photoperiods vegged out a bit longer. We have “marshmallow gobbstopper” and a “monster cropped” clone. and behind those we have 3 female “creature bear og” auto cross which are all in flower now. Maybe we will flip this room to flower sooner then later.

These autos got topped once. And usually thats the most any auto is gonna be able to handle. Autos simply do not have the time to bounce back like photoperiods. These are coming out nicely and can’t wait to see the flowers we get from them.

Veg Room

Veg room looking good. This veg room holding the next round of girls for the cabin grow. All bag seed that have been popped from the material we have been blasting. 100% germination and I do expect quite a few males or maybe not 😆 we’ll find out. We will start topping these on the 5th or 6th node and we will start training them ASAP. And these will be transplanted when we move them to the cabin grow and will most likely be using 10 gallon fabric pots or maybe five gallon I’m not sure yet but we have some moving todo in that cabin grow so we can get some taller and bigger girls.


We got 30 beans dropped to us the other day. This is a cross of “mandarin Kush” and “9 lbs hammer” and so far we got 12 to pop which we then planted into one gallon fabric pots using Fox Farm ocean forest soil. And keeping these wet is key. Not all are showing through yet, unless some stalled out. We started them in the paper towel and plastic bag method which I’m not to fond of. Using seed starter pucks are the best for out process.

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