Cabin grow. New Buckner funnel and cloning the right way

Cabin Grow

Getting to the end of week four in the cabin. The hairs are crazy 😜 long and I feel these flowers are gonna be some big ones....

Moving the lights was a definite. We will knock out the loft part of the cabin and get that space back. The plants this close to the door is not preferred. And getting that space back is a must. things look ok and we will be checking it this morning and seeing if we need to feed this room before we take off to the second location. We did have electrical issues yesterday morning and hopefully we don’t today. Almost half way through there flower period. 🎉


so if you have been following our Instagram you’ll know that we have tried taking ones and tried getting them to root. So we grabbed one plant we think is a female, and we took about 6 cuttings and we keep these cuttings between 5 and 7 niches tall.

And setting this cloner up wasn’t hard at all...

We used clonex cloning solution. 32 ml of solution to one gallon of water is what we did....

We then ph the gallon of solution to 5.5-6.5

And one gallon was enough to submerse the water pump and sprayer. We then took our cutting and roughed up the bottom 1-2 inches with the cutters and then placed those cuttings into the plugs.

And we are off. In a few days we will replace the water and solution within the cloner.

winterizing and the new Buckner funnel

so we test ran the new Buckner funnel yesterday. Using yesterday’s blast of some shake and then dissolving that blast with grain alcohol and then getting it into a mason jar and put in the freezer and bringing it to freezing temps where the separation of the lipids and fats happen.

We then placed a coffee filter in the funnel and wet the filter with alcohol and then turned the vac pump on and dumped in our freezing solution....

After a few minutes we were done. We then took that solution a got it on to our food safe silicone and onto the heating pad set to low. This morning we should be ready to finish the purging of the alcohol with the vac chamber. and we will be getting a few carts out together.

Auto flowers

And keeping the operation together

big things are happening 😆 like usual and Stash Logix stash box has been an amazing addition to our transportation needs. Able to keep a piece of everything and able to make deliveries easy and keeps things from wandering hands 🎉

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