Cabin grow, indoor grow and we need material to extract

Cabin Grow

the caving grow is definitely starting to bounce back. We fed them yesterday mixing 15 ml of grow and micro and 10ml of bloom to one gallon of water. Using about 4 gallons and splitting that between the 11 of them. We would be using some Onit sciences as well but we just don’t have it in yet. We finished topping as well. We do have the A/C running in this room, by the time the sun comes up and starts hitting the front of this cabin, it gets pretty hot on here without it on. I was not able to figure out the programming on the new environmental controllers but today or tomorrow I will figure them out.

Flower Room

We are in the middle of week 6 of flower. We have maybe two more weeks of feeding then we start our flushing. Two week flushing is recommended regardless of your style of growing. Allowing your plants to fade properly will help for a much smoother smoking flower as well as help produce more resins. Under stress, while flushing, and the plant will make more resins as a defense mechanism. Incorporating some stock splitting and super cropping at this time will also help. And the way we flush isn’t the normal, like most would suggest. to properly flush you would run 5 times as much water the. What your soil is. 3 gallon pot would take 15 gallons of plain ph water to properly flush the medium and making the plant use the energy starting in the lower fan leaves. What we do is just water every day or every other day with plain PH water but watering just enough for a slight run off. And we repeat this as the pot sets out completely before watering again. Once we have the fade and flush where we want it we then let the plant and soil dry out while still in its pot. Usually about 5-7 days fron the last watering and we are ready to harvest. The more you can let it die and dry while still in its pot the better you will be for drying and curing.

And we are dealing with hot temps in here as well. Soon enough the exhaust fan and filter will be in and we will be installing it in the flower room and start to dial it In

And having five lights in this one spot is the reason for the high temps, again poor air transfer too doesn’t help the environment at all. That dairy shake I think will produce close to a pound of finished flower when we are done.

Veg Room

I think we have two males in this room. Not to sure yet but we should know before we get them into flower. Maybe 4 more weeks and these will be brought into flower. I do believe we will be transplanting them into 3 gallon smartpots where they will finish there lives in. 3 gallons is what we have found to be a comfortable size for our indoor grows. We do have a monster cropped clone in here that is already in a 3 gallon smartpots and we did top her as well. Again I always say it, CANOPY is everything when growing in tight spots or if you Just want more flower from your crops properly training can almost increase your yield by 25-50% if you train correctly.

And once we get into flower we will the. Start the defoliating process and clean up the bottom 1/3rd and that will be the start of honing in the canopy. Our lights can only penetrate maybe 8-10 inches of the canopy before anything beneath that is not worth the time so getting rid of it re directs energy to where it can be used more efficiently.

Seedling table & autoflowers

the “creature bear og“ crosses are looking awesome. And I believe they will stay in these one gallon pots for the remainder of there lives. I just don’t think they will do well once transplanted. Next time we will start in the jiffy pods as usually but then we will transplant them into 2 gallon smartpots. Super excited for these and these are regular seeds. so once the veg room is moved into flower we will finish these autos under the 400 watt metal halide.

Extractions and material

so we are about to pick up the last, if not close to the last batch of material today. And this is a scary situation. We need to find material for our extractions and our plants just won’t be ready anytime soon. If you know someone, or you are a grower or you just know where to find decent material to extract please feel free to contact us.

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