Cabin grow, indoor grow and getting ready for extractions

Cabin grow

super happy with the way the cabin grow is going. This morning we will be feeding them a mix of Advanced Nutrients. Using 4-5 gallons of water and we will split those between the 11 girls in here. Environmental controllers are doing there job well and apparently the new inline fan and filter from Vivosun. Most of these are in 10 gallon smartpots and a few are in 15 gallon smartpots. Next round that comes through here we will be using the 10 gallon pots at least if not the five gallon smartpots.

Flower room

We are on day 40 of flower. We will keep feeding for the next 10-14 days and then we will start the flushing on these three girls. Still don’t quite need the extra support yet for the dairy shake but I’m hoping we can get some weight packed on within the next 10-14 days before we do start flushing. The dairy shake will be the first harvest to go through the new My Herbs Now weed dryer ....

we will hang the other ones in the drying cabinet and will be using this dryer quite heavily.

3-4 more weeks and then we harvest.....

Veg Room

We are down to 4 girls in the veg room. We had two males so far and we just moved them outside. If they survive and keep going we will collect the pollen for future breeding projects. Super cropping at this point In There life is A good time to do it. These four will be the next ones to go through the flower room. These will be transplanted into 3 gallon smartpots today or tomorrow and they will stay in them for the rest of there lives. we have one monster cropped clone and the other three are from seed from Pure Smoke Boutique. here’s one of the males...

And with both males being super healthy we definitely want to collect this pollen for the future


The creature bear og autos are doing well. And thinking about it now we may transplant these and put them outside to finish. but for right now these are staying under the T5.

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