Cabin grow, extractions, winterizing and GUMMYS!!!

Cabin Grow

Yesterday we got to the cabin grow in the afternoon. We still do not have our exhaust fan in yet so opening the door to the cabin is a big deal to transfer air, for now. Again we got our new environmental controllers in place just not fully installed yet. And the new vivosun lights are CmH and they definitely put out some heat. So hooking the A/C up and controller will be done this weekend. Today the exhaust fan should be arriving. And then that can be hooked up to the humidity controller, witch this room does get pretty humid when we don’t have any air transfer.


We packed the rest of our “divine Kush breathe” material into the 6 inch extraction tube. And we ran one can of Metavega’s #pure322 organic solvent and we pulled out 9.5 grams...

We collect the old fashion way and use razors to scrape this up... and got it into an oil barrel..


Using 190 proof grain alcohol we keep our blasting Pyrex dishes clean and saving those washes for later projects such as cartridges or edibles has been the smartest idea I have ever come up with lol, jk. But we were not doing this before and losing out on product. This is now in the freezer and has gone through one filtering and if this morning it looks like there is more separation of any lipids left in the solution, it will be filtered for a second time. Hopefully we got enough in here to make a few carts. We will get it pointed out onto the silicone and on the heating pad to evaporate and then like usual finish it in the vac chamber.

Herbs now

this bad Larry just came in yesterday. First batch to go through this dryer will be the dairy shake from Sanctuary seeds. And with five tiers we should be able to dry at least 1/4 pound or even more at a time. Dry time defaults at 96 hours when you turn it on. Being told by many to use a shot glass of water in the center to help the drying process and not over dry the flower. Excited for this and this will help keep a consistent supply of flower. We definitely have a lot of experiments I want to do with this thing to figure out it’s best working set up and flower arrangement inside this awesome piece.


and the gummies are in. Can’t keep these in stock. Now available in sour flavors these things are amazing. 3 gummy’s knock me out lol, well it used to now I eat three about half way through band practice now and OMG does it do wonders for hand eye coordination and mental clarity of all things lol. Absolutely one of the best edibles I have ever come across and now will be available and made with our extracts. so excited for that. 10 mg pieces and ten in a pack.

If you read this blog to this point .......... thank you. This is home and everyone is invited and welcome here. lol no bullshit. feel free to contact us if interested in any of our extraction services or you just have a question or whatever I’m usually here or somewhere . you can always get a hold of me on Instagram or shoot me a text on the signal app 774-764-8406. Stay safe, stay lifted , stay focused and love yourself process and watch what happens.


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