Cabin grow, dairy shake extraction and topped autos


we got extract a 12 inch tube of the “dairy shake” flower using one can of pure322 organic solven.. after packing and freezing the flower into the tube we blasted into our Pyrex....

(Dish looks dirty, just from setting the dish on the table) once in the warm water bath it should only take about ten minutes or so to boil off the bulk of the organic solvent .....

At this point we have a few options. Choosing to collect it and slick it for curing.

5-7 days and this wax will “sugar“ up and be a saucy crumble

cabin grow

We are on day 3 of flower. All look great. We have the oscillating fan on high blowing across these tops and the new ink bird temperature controller set to 69 degrees. We fed this room there full strength Advanced Nutrients mixing five gallons of spring water with 15ml of micro

grow and bloom per gallon.

We got three gallons of Advanced Nutrients ready for this and any other grows that are coming through here. Using two 315 watt Vivosun CMH lights. These lights are obviously now set to 12/12.

Autoflowers and flower room

we got five creature bear OG auto crosses in the flower room. We have the vivosun in-line fan and filter off for the moment. The fans are enough for this grow right now. We topped them the other day and we’ll see what happens. Autos simply don’t have the same time to bounce back like photoperiods.

Veg room

We have two left in here sadly. we had four males come from the seeds we got from Pure Smoke Boutique. one we have left in here is a “marshmallow gobbstopper” and we have the monster cropped clone that we did some heavy training on. Now being the only two that will be flowering next we needed to make sure we are using our space efficiently, canopy is everything.

Here’s where all the males are. i am gonna keep them in these pots and maybe go transplant them out in the field somewhere and see what happens with them. I am definitely wanting to start collecting pollen for breeding projects and starting our line of genetics.


We got 100% germination from our bag seed round getting ready for the cabin grow. Keep them in these one gallon pots and when we go to bring them to the cabin grow we will transplant them into 5 or 10 gallon pots.

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