Cabin grow, cartridges, packing tubes and grow room update

Cabin Grow

Yesterday we got to the cabin grow early. I thought I was gonna be able to hook up the new Ink Bird controllers but we need some more power. Another 10 gauge, 200 foot extension cord is needed to complete this temporary set up. We will be looking into running a 3 phase line to this cabin so it can support its self with power instead of running dam extension cords. But all the girls in here that are from seed are doing well. And i do believe that having a tap root is really the difference between these looking good and looking sad at the moment. But hopefully they will perk back up. I will let these dry out as much as possible before we think about feeding them again.

We did find a spot where I think the controllers will perform best. Again once we get that extension cord we will be able to connect all of this up and hooked up to it’s proper appliances and we can start messing with the environmental controllers and see what will work for the best environment for this new grow. I know where things should be as levels go it’s just now adjusting to the new equipment and how this new equipment works. Lol ready to fail, but I think I got the right people with me on this. Extractions

this morning before the blog we packed the 18 inch tube with platinum Kush mints and Devine Kush breathe flower...

And we now have that tube in the freezer. After this post I’m going to run at least two cans of pure322 maybe 3 if it calls for it.

Yesterday we got to finish the winterizing project and we made a few cartridges. The oil that is left in the Pyrex dish, after I scrape up the majority and everything I can get, we wash the dish with alcohol. We save that alcohol wash and keep it for making things like these carts. And when done properly they don’t just get you toasted off a few hit’s but the taste and color are very appealing, to me anyway. And here’s a few pics of that winterizing process...

Once the alcohol wash is at freezing temperatures we use coffee filters and mason jars and keep everything in the freezer to make the filtering process effective as possible. And then we evaporate the bulk of the alcohol and finish the purging process in the vac chamber. and then using Wax Liquidizer products to make the carts and the carts right now are coming from IKrusher.

Flower Room

this morning we fed this room. we mixed 10ml of grow and micro and 12 ml of bloom to one gallon of water adding in bud candy and rhino skin additives all from Advanced Nutrients, also adding in ONIT sciences organic grow additive at 8ml per gallon. This organic additive opens up the ”highways” for the food and nutrients to flow through. We also have found that 3 gallon pots work well for this indoor grow. All three are in 3 gallons of Fox Farm ocean forest soil. And we get all of our stuff from Emerald City hydroponics one Westminster Massachusetts. Some of the best customer service I have seen in a long time

(here is a pic of a cola from the dairy shake above ).

(And another pic of one of the TS Cubed above)

these are from Sanctuary Seeds. Every round we have flowered from sanctuary seeds have been a top shelf end product. Highly recommend them. As well this room is littered with grow lights, trying to keep the intensity up with our going over the top, if I haven’t already with the lights yet. The dairy shake is utilizing the independent scrog and support system and if you are interested in one please contact me and we can build you a custom one.

Veg Room

this room also got fed but it got fed yesterday. We have five strains in here from seed. Pure Smoke Boutique has got some super strong genetics. We had 100% germination rate and still have not had an issue with them yet. We should be doing another topping soon on these girls. All in one gallon pots we will be transplanting them into 3 gallon smartpots within the next few weeks maybe and those are the pots they will stay on for the remainder of there lives


The Creature bear og autoflower crosses are doing well. We had about 60% germination rate but the ones that did pop look really good. So I’m excited for these. any autos we have done in the past we didn’t have very good results with them. But this round we are gonna do a few things differently.

And these 7 autos are under a T5 light that is slammed as close as possible to the tops. These should be ok here for awhile till the veg room is ready for them.


@honeycomb715 just received her Stash Logix bag...

Just like my case, this bag is a scent proof bag with lockable zippers with a 3 digit code that you Set yourself

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