Cabin and autoflower harvest and the future

cabin harvest

so yesterday and today we took sometime to chop down the cabin grow. Things were looking great but with the electrical issues happening we got a few of them “herming” on us. Some of them look like they didn’t herm but the room just needed to be taken down before we started loosing what we already worked for. Hanging whole plants upside down and keeping the A/C on to keep the room cold and of course it’s pitch black on here with the lights off, this room makes it perfect to dry the plants. We had 2 ”sour sorbet” 6 monster cropped juicy fruits and one feminized Durban poison which to started to herm. when the lights were coming on and the A/C wanted to come on, it was drawing to much power. But once the lights fully came on the A/C would not effect anything. So getting the A/C on a timer allowing the Ac to come on about 30-45 minutes after the lights fully come on is our temporary solution. We will come through and get anything off that has a stem and then we will just leave this room alone for the next 14 days. 🎉 but 😢 things couldn’t finish they way they should of.

Creature bear og harvest

we got some ”creature bear og” autoflower test beans from @1212honegrow (Instagram) and these ones came out 🔥 🎉. Any other autos we have tried to grow usually would fail but keeping these in one gallon pots I do believe is part reason why we got these results we did.

We popped anything off that had a stem, basically. And we got most of them into the “My Herbs Now” dryer and finally putting this drier to the rest. We used all give levels that originally came with the dryer and two of those tray levels had to get the middle popped out to accommodate these fat buds.

(Above only showing one autoflower in it but we did stack the rest of the trays and got them filled) after filling it we pushed the on button which defaults to 96 hours. We did do one of these autoflowers the other week and it did dry it awesomely and the 👃 on that flower is awesome.

This was the first one we dried. This was just before I trimmed it and again the nose👃 on it is amazing.

And this after we trimmed it. Super happy with these autos and plan to pop more eventually once I get back to wax room fully. 🎉

Flower room

now our flower room at the other location holds just two. The “marshmallow Gobbstopper” from @puresmokeboutique and the monster cropped “juicy fruit” which both now are utilizing all the lights in this room. Once these two are harvested we will be bringing in the “super grape haze” and whatever else that looks ready from the “veg room” next door. We are finally running an in-line fan From Vivosun with a charcoal filter to keep the air fresh and moving through it.

Veg Room

Veg room got two of them transplanted. We transplanted the “super grape haze” I to a three gallon fabric and we also did one of the “bag seed” plants into a 3 gallon fabric. These two will definitely be two that will go into flower next and hopefully we can get at least two more ready for the flower room. We have 7 clones that we took from the “marshmallow gonbstopper“ and “juicy fruit” that I would like to get ready for the cabin grow especially now that we figured out what the issue was on there. We have 4 of the “mandarin hammer” also in here which the clones and the “mandarin hammer” sit in one gallon fabric pots for now. Using Fox Farm ocean forest soil.

Wax room products

if interested just shoot us a message through our website or on social if you follow us and we will get you set up. Working hard on getting accessories and apparel lined up.

July 26th we will be back up fully . as of right now attention must be redirected towards more important things .... you know like family. Without family what is this all for?? Appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to killing it ASAP. 💯 💚 ❤️ 🎉

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