Busy, busy day

Pure322 organic solvent from Metavega has been a blessing. Lol, honestly. when we started out doing bho we learned quick that the vac chamber would be our friend in cleaning up the butane/propane solvents and we nailed it but it took days to finish. 120 hours minimum in the chamber when using butane. This new solvent allows us to blast and virtually be done after the warm water bath purge.

Here we have some strawberry haze crumble and a little sauce. And same with the slap wagon. But the slap wagon came out nice and gold. Finish and color of your extractions is based of the strain your extracting. We do use the vac chamber to speed things up and get different finishes. But is not required anymore. Pure322 is formulated to extract 100% of the cannabinoids the first time when used properly. Any other extraction tech either leaves valuable product behind. rosin leaves product behind but brings out the flavor. pure322 brings beat of both worlds.

Our veg room is doing great. We watered heavy yesterday so today we won’t be doing much with this room. This room is filled with girls that will be going in Different directions once there ready. A few will be going into the flower room to keep that room going with productions. A lot of them will be going to the outdoor grow and a few will stay either as a mother plant or just wait for the next round to go to flower. The clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment. This amendment makes tour nutrients you use more readily available for the roots to uptake. room Gets fed advanced nutrients and Onit sciences organic grow additive.

Day 36 Of flower for “slice the pie” and for the last 3 days we have only gave this room plain ph watered to 6.4-6.8 so we can try and fix this nitrogen deficiency. you don’t want your plants DARK green, nor do you want the leaves to curl and that is exactly what is happening here. So it should be an easy fix but I do feel this will stunt growth a little bit.

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