Bubba hash extraction and winterizing making 🍇 and 🥭 carts, seeds, apparel & Accessories 🎉 💯

Extractions and cartridges

we took our 2nd bubba hash plant and we dried it the My Herbs Now dryer and once it was ready for a final trim and jarring, we packed it.

We used the 36 inch tube, packing 103 grams of material. Using 3 cans of pure322 which you can find at www.pure322.com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount.

After running the 3 cans through the material and into the Pyrex dish, we ran it through a warm water bath. Purging off the bulk of the solvent off. Once done we flooded the dish with 190 proof grain alcohol

Flooding the dish just enough to cover the extraction. And then allowing the alcohol to dissolve the extract, then sealing it in a mason jar

Once collected bro the mason jar and sealed it is thrown into the freezer where the seperation will occur.

once seperation occurs we are ready to filter. Using 2 coffee filters and our Buckner funnel we pour the freezing solution into the hopper. This is where the fats and lipids will be filtered out. We then pour the filtered solution into a food safe silicone and place it on a heating pad. After a few hours the bulk of the alcohol has purged and we then finish it up in the vac chamber.

Placing the food safe silicone into the vac chamber we pull a full vac. We stay with the extract usually through this stage. Playing with air pressures as well as pulling it out and folding it onto itself.

After a short while it starts to thicken up.

Until we get this 👇

We got a total of 18 grams of winterized “bubba hash”.

We split the extract in half to make half in mango 🥭 and the other half in grape 🍇 ape 🦍. Using Wax Liquidizer we took 9 grams and added 18ml of grape and we got 24 carts which should have been 27 and same for the 🥭. So I believe these glass carts to hold a bit more then a gram.

👆 mango 🥭

👆 grape 🍇 ape 🦧

these are Full Spectrum cartridges and offer a much better hitting experience and potency versus most dispensary products. Promise 😛


we have some genetics that are ready and available. One is of the “bubba hash” and the other are the feminized marshmallow gobstopper. 150$ a pack just shoot us a dm if interested 🎉 💯

Veg room

Veg room is packed. We have 7 out of 12 feminized marshmallow gobstopper looking strong 💪 as well as the “rainbow gobstopper“ and the “ 🍌 French 🍪 “ all in one gallon fabric pots and the strawnana tangilope in the 3 gallon fabric pot will be cloned here shortly. Just watering them in this morning with plain PH water between 5.5-6.5.

Apparel & Accessories

We have our new black wax room productions variable wattage pen. our new apparel line up is way late do to postal issues in the 🇺🇸 . And as always we have gummies, dabs and cartridges just shoot us a dm

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