Bubba hash and auto seedlings and almost chopping the marshmallow Gobbstopper 🥳


couple days ago we started some new strains that I believe will change somethings for us. We have 2 out of 3 feminized “bubba hash” showing through and two of the “creature bear og” autoflowers are also starting to show. The two bubba hash will be getting transplanted in the new 3 gallon fabric pots....

These pots are wider then some of the other 3 gallon pots we have so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference anywhere. Two will be getting prepped for this flower room and one will be kept under care for as long as possible as a mother plant. again this bubba hash strain has characteristics that any extractor is looking for. The creature bear og will be planted I to one gallon smartpots like the last round and the one “critical XXL auto”, once it shows will be transplanted Into the new 2 gallon fabric pot and again looking to see if there will a difference in performance

Above just showing you the one and 2 gallon pots. And for now we have the seedlings nice and cozy in there rock wool cubes and later today we will be transplanting, leaving the vents slightly open now to allow air transfer within the bubble.

Cabin Grow

We ended up losing power for the day with the crazy weather we just had. So we brought them outside to keep them going. We did end up getting our power back and we reset this room around 8 o’clock back to 16/8 and this morning we had no issues with electrical this morning 🎉 and we will flipping into flower in a few weeks. These marshmallow Gobbstopper clones are actually moving along quite nicely and maybe flipping into flower sooner then expected.

Flower room

Flower room, with the marshmallow Gobbstopper, is now just drying out and 2-3 days we will chop her down and possibly do our best to fit her into the “My Herbs Now Dryer” so we can moving onto extracting some of it. We still don’t see sex yet so again keeping a good eye on the “mandarin hammers” is a must. We are keeping them in the one gallon fabrics. And that one bag seed girl in the 3 gallon pot is doing amazing. And she’s eating up everything I throw at here quickly.

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