Blasting, growing and building the cabin grow

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Extractions , winterizing & cartridges

Yesterday we went to Bomb Factory and did some blasting for them. We did a 18 inch tube of trim and a 18 inch tube of flower. Didn’t get the names of the strains, but next time I will. Trim blast came out to 4 grams. Still have not gotten the weight of the flower run Yet. And we got a 50 mg chocolate bar. each square contains 2.5 mg of THC. 20 mg was good enough for me... blastsvare to compare profiles of the end product between two different techs.

We started a new winterizing project. The last one, you’ll see below soon, came out super dark. So starting on this one we are only using washes from top shelf wax blasts. We do do trim and crappy material runs once in awhile, no more of that. We need to get some material and get bavk to blasting here soon.

So the new carts.... mrrrr. Good high, good hitting but the taste is not just there. And that was for using sub par material. Again, no more of these crappy runs. What we make speaks about what we do, and this doesn’t say good things about us And the material we have been using. But our most recent blasts have been spot on....

Cabin Grow

We got to start hanging the reflective material up yesterday. We re used some of the material we used for the green house. Using a slap staple gun we hung up everything we could. We will pick some more material up and finish the first at least 7 feet from the floor up All the way around. This room is 11x7 with a ten foot ceiling In the front and 8 foot in the back. So excited for this grow to start and tomorrow we go and pick up our new CmH 325 watt lights!! We’ll be back there today for the out door grow and we will do some more work on this cabin grow today as well.

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