Back to the grind, seedlings and lab tests πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

Back to the grind

honeycomb and I took some time off from everything over the weekend. And in doing nothing we brought some of our products to Pro Verde labs in Marlboro so we can finally get some paper work on these products and know where we stand with percentages and levels.

the extract we brought in was from our latest blast of the platinum kush breath. sample needed for these tests is only .5 of a gram and we will now offer these services to you guys if interested. And the cartridge we brought to have tested was a zkittlez cartridge πŸ‘‡

So now about 10 days or less we will have the results sent to our email as soon as the results come in. Lab testing is super important for not just understanding what you have as a product but people can be sensitive to certain strains or terp profiles and so understanding what’s in your product will later help figure what best works for your body

🌱 Seedlings 🌱

we got some babies coming through. We started 3 more of the feminized bubba hash, one feminized critical +2.0 and one feminized fruit salad. Again we will go ahead and prepare to take clones of these once ready.

We will transplant these into one gallon fabric pots and get them into the 2x4 tent where the fem marshmallow gobstoppers sit right now under the full spectrum 200watt led. πŸ₯³


All ten packs of the new full spectrum cartridges are now 20% off for good at 400$ a ten pack. 60$ a singal cart price drop at 10 carts +

Wednesday we get back to full blogs and the weekly giveaways we post every Wednesday and announce the winner on Friday morning blog post. Rules are always simple πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

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