Back to extracting, outdoorgrow ok? And what about these new autoflowers?


here is our latest blast. decent flower just a little old and forgotten about lol so this flower wasn’t labeled or anything so we are back to having “no name” till hopefully later today when we are supposed to be getting some more better material. We have an extraction challenge happening. Check out our challenges tab on here. We will post the challenge soon to social.....

Last night we had 30 grams of that no name flower sitting in the freezer. We packed roughly 20-22 grams of flower into the 6 inch extraction tube. It still sits in the freezer this morning. We will run one can of pure322 organic solvent and get a few slicks ready for the day....

Outdoor grow

outdoor Grow makes me nervous......

Yesterday, we made sure everything was staked and tied down. We got a box fan and a space heater running to try and combat the coldness. But they should be fine. Our supplemental lighting is a 600 watt LED. I don’t think it’s doing much for them but we do have a 5000 watt led coning in for this green house and to start the new indoor grow. things are Still Trying to pull through from the shock of transplanting. Mendo cookies, Durban poison, monster cropped juicy fruit, sour sorbet are the strains we have in here.


The other day we got some autoflower seeds to test out. “creature bear og” and crosses F1 and F2.

We got 12 of them germinating. Using jiffy pods for this germination. Using these pods or pod style germinating set up helps lower the risk of shock when transplanting and handling when they are small. All 12 are in a covered tray. That tray is on top a piece of cardboard and then is then placed on top of a heating mat. Maybe tomorrow we’ll see something come through.

Flower room

Getting to the end of week 3 already. We did more lollipoping in all three of them. I know next time when I top any girl we need to wait at least 4 nodes before topping again otherwise you get a bush that is uncomfortable. Today this room will be getting fed it’s Advanced Nutrients and onitn sciences mix. We added a little space heater looking thing that cools and purifies the air. We do have some exhaust fans and equipment coming for this room. we do not have any proper air transfer in here, proper air flow will help keep some issues away also as well as keep the rooms cool. Plants get too hot for too long they can start to seed or turn male on you. All three of these are seeds from Sanctuary seeds.

Veg Room

Pure Smoke Boutiques and the five new seedlings. All five have crazy names and tomorrow’s post we will go over the names a little deeper. All have been topped, now we are going to wait till both new shoots have 4 nodes or so before we top again. These will stay in these one gallon pots until the canopy over hangs the edges.

we do have one monster cropped clone, not to sure the strain but I will be able to tell once it hits flower.

Giveaways & extras

we have been turning more towards our website for our daily updates and using social for posting about the updates we post on here. We will be having some more giveaways soon.

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