Back to blasting 🎉 branded carts are in and the grow rooms look great.. clones do to 💯

cabin grow

Getting towards the end of week 5 of flower and these flowers are looking great. I can see some pistols on a few of the monster cropped clones are turning red. 😐 but other then that things are working and functioning properly and today this room will be fed using Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect technology line. All are in either 10 or 15 gallon fabrics, what was available at the time, and using Fox Farm ocean forest medium. keeping this room between 69 and 73 degrees the Ink Bird temperature controller works great. Still looks like I can get rid of some of the under growth as some of it still will not get the proper lighting it needs.

flower room

With the flower room going on to week 2 things again look great. Our two main ones we are flowering in here are a “juicy fruit” monster cropped clone and a “marshmallow gobbstopper ” which is from Pure Smoke Boutique. both sit in 3 gallon fabric pots. Reason we use fabric pots opposed to standard plastic ones is the fact that fabrics allow 100% of the medium to have air flow allowing better root growth and health. (Bigger the root, bigger the fruit) in the back we have 4 Auto flowers which are the “creature bear og“ from @1212homegrown (Instagram). all four sit in one gallon fabric pots...

These are getting closer to harvest and next week I’m guessing we will be checking up on trichomes and figuring a harvest window for these. I want these to go as long as possible before we chop. We sill be blasting a 6 inch tube of it and seeing what are yields are.

Veg Room

These girls are doing well under the 400 watt metal halide. We have been topping them here and there. We have them in one gallon fabric or plastic pots. Prepping these girls for the cabin grow. these were all popped from bag seed from material we have blasted. so far so good. But do expect half to be males, hopefully not. The super grape haze...

This was a special seed we got from a friend, so far there claims are right. super awesome growth and super thick compared to the rest. This will be one I’m considering turning into a mother plant but we will see as that time gets closer. We do have some awesome fems seeds from Attitude Seed Bank that would be prime candidates for a mother plant. We have about 5 more weeks, maybe shorter, till we move these to the other site and transplant them into there final homes. Again we will sex these way before that and hopefully we do it correctly this tome and not bounce back and forth.


Mandarin kush crosses with 9 lbs hammer (father). These are regular photoperiod beans we popped from a friend @gasinthedeltapass (Instagram). Out of 30 we got 12 and again I do expect half to be males but hopefully not. We popped them using the paper towel method and the. Planted them into these one gallon fabric pots. We have a few super strong ones compared to the others....

We topped these 3. And have been feeding them 1 ml of grow, micro And bloom (Advanced Nutrients) to one gallon of water. And when the pots completely dry out we then water them with this. Some dry out quicker then others so keeping a keen eye on them is key.


Today makes it day 6 from when we took these cutting and every cutting as some sort of rooting on it 🎉

So we changed the solution out of the hopper...

Using Clonex cloning solution we upped it from 30 ml to 40 ml per gallon of water (using one gallon) and set it back together. I did turn the light off on it thinking maybe it will help the rooting process now that we have rooting on all of them, surprisingly. 🥳 this cloning project is going to set a standard for us to keep a perpetual grow going.


We ran two 18 inch tubes of fresh trim we picked up from Bomb Factory.

Not our first choice to run trim but that’s what could be found for the moment. And just running one can per tube was more then enough to get everything out of each tube. 110 grams of trim

After blasting both tubes into the Pyrex dish we ran the warm water bath till the bulk of the pure322 organic solvent was boiled off. We then collected it and through it into the vac chamber. We added some “purple punch” terpenes to it before putting it into the vac chamber...

Yielding over 12 grams of extract. Which is not bad for that amount of trim and quality it was.


today we flooded a previous blast with grain alcohol and got it jarred one a mason jar and brought to freezing temps where the fats and lipids seperate. And did one filtering through the new Buckner funnel....

Using a coffee filter as a pre filter we causght a bunch of stuf. this “stuff” is what causes carts to clog and taste burnt.. we then emptied the flask into a food safe silicone and got it on the heating pad. Come tomorrow morning we should be able to get it into the vac chamber and finish purging off the alcohol. This again will be used for making carts.

New Products

We got our “wax room productions” full ceramic one gram cartridges in today 🥳 but we do have a few blank carts we need to finish filling before we move onto these ones. Came a week early.

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