Addition to wax room, extractions & curing, winterizing and prep for new full glass carts 🎉 💯

Extractions & winterizing

the “purple legend” we extracted 2 days ago with pure322 organic solvent cured out beautifully. This will crumble out some more but as a “sugar sauce” this is a knock out for sure.

This is the 👆 purple legend one day after extraction. Curing period can fluctuate from 24 hours to 7-10 days depending of condition of starting material and strain.

We got a 12 inch tubes packed with a mix of strains. We have marshmallow gobbstopper, bubba hash, creature bear og, purple legend and sugar cane and we used 2 cans of pure322 organic solvent. Which you can find at and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount.

After we blasted it into the Pyrex dish we ran it through a warm water bath. Purging the bulk of the solvent out. We then flooded the dish with 190 proof grain alcohol and got the mixed strain extraction dissolved.

After keeping the solution in the freezer for about 6 hours we were ready to filter. Once the solution reaches freezing temperatures the separation then occurs creating the opportunity to get that bullshit out of it 😂

We cut one 2.5 micron paper lab filter to fit the bottom of the Buckner funnel and then using two simple coffee filter above that. Using the vac pump to pull a vac we poured our solution in.

Once the filtering is complete and we have all the fats and lipids out and any foreign objects we are ready to start the purging of the alcohol. The solution you see above is much clearer and not so cloudy as it looked pre filtering. in the morning it will be ready to finish the purging process in the vac chamber. Veg Room

Vegroom has been looking awesome. We are running genetics from Pure Smoke Boutique and right now we have 3 strains in here. We have the rainbow gobbstoppers in the one gallon black fabric pots which we have all 6 still that we originally popped and then we have 4/6 of the banana 🍌 French 🍪 in the grey one gallon fabric pots. And then we have one strawnana tangilope in a 3 gallon fabric pot. Which we will be taking cuttings of soon.

We fed all ten of the seedlings using Advanced Nutrients. We mixed 8ml of grow, micro and bloom to one gallon of distilled water. again we will be taking clones of everything and getting a select clone from each batch for feminizing.

New lab and grow location

So the new grow and lab location is coming along. We still have plenty of “junk” we need to funds a spot for and then We have some moving of bigger “furniture” like a pool table. We need to get the oil furnace going which should be soon.

New apparel drops Wednesday

Our new line up of beanies, trucker hats and hoodies will be here by Wednesday 🥳 and soon the website will be revamped and the shop will be a bit more user friendly

Beanies and trucker caps will be 25$

Hoodies are 50$ and we have both designs

👆 the front of the new designed hoodies

🔥 ☠️ 🎉 announcement 🎉 ☠️ 🔥

@honeycomb715 and @knowlivegrow

(on Instagram) are now working on a new clothing line up while working on a new logo you will be to have access to her lineup soon as soon as it is ready. We will give you updates on it as they come in 🎉 💯 💚

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