Adding new steps to the extraction process, check it out! 🎉 💯 💚


Yesterday we got a small test batch of banana OG flavored carts we made with the “mother of berries” and “zkittlez” mix run the other day. We also had some stickers made up so we could label the carts and not have such a hard time keeping the areas labeled...

There are two one of the strawberry and one of the pineapple stickers. This should work great for little while anyway till we get deeper into packaging 🎉

Flower Room

We finally got some defoliating done of two of the newest mandarin hammers. cleaning out anything that was not going to or getting light for proper development. This will redirect the plants energy to the spots that matter increasing yield along with production. New Findings

So there’s some almost clear extract. This process uses B80 which is a powdered clay. This clay takes out most of the darker colors in older, darker material. But this process added with activated charcoal should take out most of the colors and we will be working on this this coming week. Pretty exciting to have come upon this accidentally and needing this information 🎉 here’s what it looked like before this process....

apparel and accessories

Find your wax room production pen battery’s and apparel at 🎉 💯 💚

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