5 day over view on our extractions, carts and all of the grows. 🎉 💯 💚 🌱


We packed the 36 inch tube with more of the “Devine breathe”. this pack was much tighter then usual fitting in 125 grams

after packing Tightly we ran 4 cans of pure322 organic solvent which you can try also at www.pure322.com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount. After running those cans into the Pyrex dish we got it into the warm water bath.

Once the warm water bath was done we collected it and weighed it up.

And as we collected this Devine breathe up for curing it weighed out to be 31 grams. Not bad 🎊


We got a small batch of oil ready for our winterizing process. We got a mixed flower run of bubba hash and Devine breathe that we dissolved in 190 proof grain alcohol and got it into the freezer for seperation

Since dissolved we capture it in a mason jar and seal it. While it sits in the freezer the fats and lipids become a solid separating from the solution. This allows us to filter it.

After 24+ hours of freezing down we are now ready for the Buckner funnel. Fitting two coffee filters above the glass filter and connecting to the vac pump. After a minute or so we are done filtering.

👆 and that’s what we filtered out of this small run.

After filtering we placed a food safe silicone onto a heating pad and poured the alcohol mix into it and allowed the bulk of the alcohol to purge leaving behind a thick concentrate. We then finish it up in the vac chamber and we used some heat while in the chamber to help get the rest of the alcohol out. This batch left us with 4 grams of extract


Taking that 4 grams and double checking the weight we then proceed to start putting together cartridges.

We put the 4 grams into our small mixing glass and we added 8 ml of grape ape flavoring by Wax Liquidizer and we heated it gently and mixed.

We then grabbed 10 of our new wax room productions full glass cartridges and proceeded to fill them by hand.

Veg Room 1

Under the new G8LED C3 grow light we got our 4 banana 🍌 French cookie 🍪 and one of these beefy girls are showing signs of being a male, doesn’t mean it is but, one of the main shoots is showing staggering side shoots which is one of the signs of a male. Uneven nodes. But other then that these are looking 🔥 💪 and thick just the way I like my girls 😛.

And on the other side of this room we have the 6 rainbow 🌈 gobstoppers which again are looking strong 💪. We will flip this room into flower here any day now to properly sex these and then we will revert back to veg and finish working on the training and getting the canopies to where we want them for max yield.

Veg Room 2

Running a 400 watt metal halide about 36 inches from the tops we have 10 auto flowers from Error Seeds. We have LSD, Amnesia haze and Durban poison auto strains going. We have back filled the stretched ones the other day and we have some more to back fill today or tomorrow. These are all feminized genetics 🧬. All in one gallon pots and sitting in fox farm ocean forest soil. We will at least top these once but they will stay in these one gallon pots for the remainder of there life and we should get a pretty awesome finish on this grow.

moved a room

We moved the 2x4 isolation grow tent from our first location to our 2nd location where it will be put to better use. This was moved for isolation and feminizing strains but as well to be used for seedlings and clones prior to moving them into the bigger 5x5 Vivosun room.

We are using one of the 1000 watt equivalent full spectrum LED grow lights. And we have moved the 6 feminized marshmallow gobstoppers into it. Once these are ready for transplanting we will move them bavk to the Vivosun room.


And we work everyday to make things better. There will never be a time where our products are “done” the innovation and science that’s happening in this industry is unbelievable and I assure you we push just as hard to keep up if not surpass the industry standards

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