235 g mixed strain extraction, winterizing & prep for carts, grow room updates 🎉 💯 💚

Extractions & winterizing

”extraction #1”

Yesterday felt amazing to get back to work!! we had a half pound of mix strains. We had “sugar cane” “deluxe sherbert” “platinum breathe” “Devine breathe”.... so we got ready to pack the 3 foot tube.

We attempted to pack 120 grams of the mixed material but we ended up packing 150 grams!! 💥 specially with my new packer I just picked up for the 3 foot tube 🤣 pool cues work well. The bottom is perfect for packing a tube as such. Once packed we were ready to run 4 cans of pure322 organic solvent. Find it at www.pure322.com and use “waxroom10” for a discount on your first order.

After running the four cans we allowed the tube to drain out the rest of the solvent into the Pyrex dish. This bitch gets cold as fuck 😛

Running our warm water bath, we purged off the bulk of the solvent. Eventually I will learn how to winterize with the solvent.

We did not get the weight of this prior to the winterizing process. I’m guessing 35 grams .... 30 grams after winterizing. But at this point we start the winterizing process. we flooded the Pyrex dish with 190 proof grain alcohol, just enough to cover the extraction.

Once the extract is fully dissolved in the grain alcohol we are ready for collection and separation.

Now collected and sealed in a mason jar we are ready for freezing and seperation. Placing the jar in the freezer 👇

This is where the seperation occurs. Allowing the fats and lipids to freeze and become a solid within the alcohol solution is what we are wanting.

As it freezes down we prep the Buckner funnel with 2 simple coffee filters and hook up our vac pump. The filtering process only takes a minute or so. And what we pulled out was 😮

This is what you want to pull out so cartridges have a clean taste and the cartridges won’t clog. Very important step many newbies don’t care till they experience why it needs to be done.

We re collected this filtering and got it bavk into the freezer over night and see we have anymore seperation. I need to know 😝!! And then we will purge the alcohol off today and finish it up in the vac chamber. Shatter it out and then we will start splitting this extract up for 4 different flavors that we have coming in hopefully today.

“Extraction #2”

And while the mason jar from our first extraction was freezing down and after prepping the Buckner funnel for filtering we killed some more time as we waited and we packed the 18 inch tube with 85 grams of the same mixed material. running only 1 and 1/2 cans we pulled 20 grams exactly.

This extraction was collected and started the curing process immediately. In about 48 hours we will be close to a full cure.

Vegroom #1

We have some awesome things happening under the new G8LED C3 which you can find at dormgrows.com . We have the four banana 🍌 French 🍪 and the 🌈 gobstoppers doing well. This room has been in flower for almost 10 days or so and we should be able to see the set of these today. We flipped into flower to properly sex these even when many tell me not to do it.... if I did that I wouldn’t be where I am at now 😆.

all have been topped and once we revert back to the veg cycle we will continue there training and go for them epic canopies we always shoot for.

Veg Room #2

We have ten autoflowers from “Error Bulk Seeds”. And we have three strains: “lsd” “amnesia haze” and “Durban poison“. these are also feminized . They look to be doing ok but today we will feed them as well as the other veg room. We use Advanced Nutrients and have been for 3 years now since day one and only lately have we dialed in our environments and nutrient usage. This room is using a 400 watt metal halide.

2x4 room

We got our 6 feminized marshmallow gobstoppers under the 200 watt, 1000 watt equivalent powering these. All have been topped and now we just focus on keeping them healthy and work on there training as we will be using the “low stress training” method.

Hey we are back!! Looking to make 2021 the best yet specially with the ones that have been behind us since day one. 2020 is out, remember what you put into this universe will come back at you. Be careful of what you wish for. Any questions, comments or concerns??? Leave it on the website in the “leave a comment” at the bottom of the site. 🎉 💯 💚

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