20 gram extraction and grow room update

Yesterday we packed 85 grams of flower into the 18 inch tube extraction tube. We ran 3 cans of pure322 organic solvent from Metavega and ran it through the warm water bath. .....

once it gets to the end of the warm water bath you will know because the bubbles stop and the action dies out. like this......

We then got it into the vac chamber for a quicker more stable end product.....

after a short while playing with the valves on the vac chamber we got it to a point where we could handle it.

Final weight of this extraction cane to exactly 19 grams....

Flower Room

Day 58 of flower and day 8 of flushing, this morning all four got a watering of plain ph water Between 6.4-6.8 Slice The Pie will becoming down in 7 days or so. Today we will do a check with the microscope on all four flowering plants and see if we can get a better estimate for the harvest window. All are from Sanctuary Seeds, and we want more lol. This grow, like any other grow we do, got there nutrients from Advanced Nutrients PH perfect technology with ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.


So in the veg room we are focusing on the canopys on the three girls under the 400 watt metal halide. we have Simple Yields Solutions Independent scrog system on the Dairy Shake. The TS Cubed is finally stretching and doesn’t look like a rats nest so much. So we did some LST and super cropping on her to get more well needed light to spots that need it. working on this daily will help create a canopy that will yield higher then normal. Trying to make every bud sight a cola sight. These three have about 21-22 days before they get moved into flower room. We will be doubling up two of the lights in the flower room for the smaller one. We also have three of the monster cropped clones under the LED. all 8 of the monster cropped clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment......

mixing 75 grams of Vulx for every gallon of medium. This amendment retains water for a longer period of time while making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake, they love it so far.


Most of these were in the veg room until we got the correct light hangers so we could adjust the T5 properly. We have the other five monster cropped clones on this table with a feminised Durban poison, two mendo cookies, 5 or six Sour Sorbet and then we have the new exotic girls that were just popped this past week and transplanted them into one gallon pots with Fox Farm ocean forest soil. These five exotics came from Pure Smoke Boutique. these five will be going through the whole indoor grow.

And the new 200 watt LED from Grow Light Official is awesome. 1000 watt equivalent, this light has been an amazing addition to the grow. Being the strongest light in here now we will be putting the dairy shake with Simple Yields Solutions support system..... have a really good feeling about it

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