2 pound extraction weight and grow room update

Saturday morning we were approached with five strains of flower equaling 2 pounds of material..... and I’m kinda disappointed with myself, I should have taken more time on documenting the process. But we used the 18 inch extraction tube for the whole process. Running 3 cases of pure322, we yielded 171 grams of wax....

Running two Pyrex dishes we were packing and freezing and blasting like crazy. Here’s a few pics of some of the oil...

Blasting: ruthless og

blue dream

Indoor mix

cherry blossom

Outdoor mix

so we are in the market for a closed loop extractor now and today I will be spending time researching the best set up.

Grow room update

Flower room just got fed it’s usual Advanced Nutrients and and Onit Sciences organic grow additive mix. Beginning of week two of flower. dairy shake has got Simple Yield Solutions support system and boy did it help get that canopy to where it is. We are pushing for fat flowering this round keeping the same quality as the last harvest. We will do some light LST to these a little later and let some well needed light to spots it’s needed. Maybe a selective defoliating.

Lol the canopys keep getting bigger and bigger. goal when I first started was to have a canopy fill out the whole grow room with one plant. Found out that takes a longer veg lol, now I know and with that patience it’s brought some beautiful results.

veg room

Boooom.... here’s the future outdoor grow. We are planning on getting these outside the 25th of May....five days away. Will be transplanting Into 10 Gallon smart pots using Fox Farm ocean forest soil. We have 16 plants total going outside. And right now we are looking for a proper green house to protect these girls. last year we dealt with burrowing worms and the elements. This year we are not gonna have those head aches. we need to stay on this top shelf quality flower growing. Strains in this room are Durban poison, mendo cookies, sour sorbet, juicy fruit and the juicy fruit are monster cropped clones and all 8 of them are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment.

exotic strains

Pure Smoke Boutique has got some awesome names strains. These are going to be my “golden grow” girls lol. We just watered them with plain ph water 6.4-6.8.

todays plan

today we will be cleaning Up after that 2 pound extraction and we will be opening jars up and airing out the jars to keep this curing process going. Just maitenance on the grow and lab today. We will be posting what we can up on Instagram and our other social pages.

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